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3 Reasons Why You Need a Travel Service

I am not going to hide the fact that I own a travel service.  Yep, that’s what Fun in Key West is … a travel service.  Often times we hear all of the information you need to book a trip is on the Internet. But, you really should use a travel service when you travel and I will give you 3 really good reasons.

Save Time

This is the most obvious reason.  Instead of you pouring over all of the different websites for a deal, just contact someone who can, quickly, answer your questions and help you find a deal.  But, be wary of any company that wants to charge you for just answers.

  • Best Hotel? Travel service companies offer tips on hotels.  Which ones will meet your needs and budget.  Plus, good ones, will answer questions on best parts of town to stay in and which hotels offer amenities.  In Key West, you may want a pool, parking, free breakfast… who knows.  But, we can always help you pick based on what you want.
  • What should you see?  This is a big time saver.  Instead of you going through many travel websites, let a travel service help you narrow down what you should see.  Again, only based on your interests.  But, a bigger time saver will be helping you choose what you can skip.  If you are in Key West on a cruise ship and only have a few hours, then we can help you choose what you should, and should not, see.  Only have a few days?  Then we can help you pull together an itinerary.
  • Want a custom itinerary?  A travel service can help you plan your stay.  Right from arrival to departure.  Where to stay, where to go and recommendations on where to eat.  Here’s the kicker…. at no cost to you.  You should not have to pay someone to help you plan your time on vacation.  We don’t at Fun in Key West.  We are here to answer any and all questions, help you choose a great place to stay and help book tours.

Save Money

Here is the best reason to use a travel service…. it helps you save money.  How?

  • They can recommend best times to visit.  In Key West, off season is much cheaper than peak season.  We work with you to help determine what works best for not only your budget, but your schedule.
  • Great Discounts.  A travel service usually works with tour companies and local places to offer their clients discounts.  We are no exception.  We can offer discounts on rooms, tours and much more.  Some of these discounts are even lower than if you book directly with the hotel or tour company.
  • Free recommendations.  Did I say free?  Yep … free.  We are here to answer your questions, even if you don’t book with us.  We think all travel services should offer the same level of customer service. Travel service companies promote their vacation spots, be it at the beach or in the mountains.  We simply want you to visit, many times, our little slices of Heaven.

Out of the Box ideas

Celebrating something special on your trip?  Been there before and want something new?  That’s why you need a travel service.  They can help coordinate a special event or give you unusual and unique ideas you may not have seen on a prior visit.

  • Unique tours.  We work with local, smaller boutique tour companies.  They offer different and unique ways to experience Key West.  Not a lot of the concierges at the hotels work with these companies.  But, again, a travel service company should listen to you and help you choose activities that meet your needs and interests.
  • Private Tours.  Yep, we can help with that too.  Want to experience a ride up the keys?  We can arrange that.  Want a private sunset charter?  We can do that too.

Did this sound like a really long commercial?  Probably, but trust me, a travel service will help you plan a great, stress free trip.

Overall, a travel service is your friend when you travel.  They provide tips on how to save time and money.  All we want is for you to truly love your time while on vacation… and… plan a return trip to Key West.  Give us a call or send an email to us at to get started on your trip!


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