Burn the Boats!

Cortes landed on the shores of what is now Mexico in 1519 and murmured the infamous words “burn the boats” as he and his 600 men faced the enemy. Obviously, we know that Cortes defeated them and conquered Mexico.  But, here was a man truly committed to his actions – good or bad.  This begs the question, how committed are we to our actions?

We “try” different things in our lives.  We give it our best shot.. but wouldn’t we be better served to “burn the boats”?

When we go on vacation we leave all our worries at home and embark on a true vacation.  Some of the most tiring vacations have been those that you spend time checking emails and worrying about stuff at home.  Really, is that the point of a vacation?

What about in business or at work, do you really commit?  Make a decision and then stick to it.  Second guessing every move is tiring and really doesn’t let you accomplish much.  When faced with moments of indecision, we ultimately don’t make a decision.  There are too many “what if’s” playing in our heads.  Bosses and employees like a person who can make a decision and stick by it – even if it was a bad one.

So, what does this have to do with having Fun in Key West?

Well, do you make a list of things you want to see or do before you get to the Island?  Do you have a list of things you may try?  Stop!! Make a list of things you will do!  As the great philosopher Yoda said “There is no try, only do”.  So make it a point while on the Island, fully commit to the Island lifestyle.  Enjoy every day of sunshine.  Absorb every moment and let it seep into your soul.  Let the sands of Key West sit your shoes so you will have to return again and again.

As to the occasional bad decisions, own up to them and move on.  I think we have all had moments where we shouldn’t have had that last shot/drink and the next morning we were reminded of that bad decision.  But, remember there are a whole lot of people on the Island at any given time subjecting themselves to bad decisions.  That is the other side of Island life, but nothing that a good Bloody Mary can’t fix.


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