Carry On or Checked?

Heading down to the Keys for a visit and in the midst of packing.  We have decided this time we are going to only have carry on luggage.  Ok, from a cost savings perspective it sounds really really cool, but from a practical point, it is becoming difficult.

Let me give a little background…. our last flight out of Key West our bags were slightly overweight.  About 14 pounds total between two bags.  I know, I know, packed too heavy but when you are returning with goodies you have bought from the Keys, you can get a bag to the overweight point pretty quick.  Let’s just say, we needed to replenish our stash of Key West rum.

Anyway, we are at the counter and the guy says they are overweight.  I say, yeah I know (thinking only a $50 fine) he then says it will be $100 dollar fine …. per bag.  Holly crap… what do we do?  Well, pay the fee.  It wasn’t like the guy could wear my clothes and he certainly wasn’t getting the rum.

So, fast forward to today, going to go light and carry all we need on the plane (skipping the whole baggage fee conversation).  Well, my clothes fit in my carry on and have to say even with a little extra room.  The problem now is the liquids.  I really didn’t think I was a high maintenance person until I tried to pack following the TSA 3-1-1 rule.  For those of you unfamiliar it is 3.2 oz limit per item and one quart bag per person.  Really, one quart bag?  Have you seen how small a quart bag is?  Must have been developed by a guy, because no woman in her right mind would have thought a quart bag would work.  A smart woman would have said at least a gallon.

I have started a  list and so far have to put in the shampoo, conditioner, face miracle creams, contact stuff and did I mention my eye doctor now says I have dry eye something or other and now have to add all of the dry eye drops and crap?  So, I have taken up most of the space within Kevin’s quart bag (really what does he need – toothpaste and shave cream) and mine.  I am thinking about sneaking in a third bag … just for my contact crap… it should fall under the medicine exclusion.  If not, well CVS and I will become great friends as soon as I land.  As a matter of fact I have already started a list of items needed to pick up once we land:  Sunscreen (no bottle is small enough), rum, beer, aspirin, etc…

How do the rest of you work through this carry on quandary?  I see a lot of you each time I am at an airport very confidently moving past the checked baggage line and strolling onto the plane. So, do you buy your stuff when you get there?  Or, am I really high maintenance and am just not wanting to admit it?

Will let you know how the new adventure goes and if we learn any new tricks to share as we maneuver through the TSA security lines heading to Paradise.

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