Clearing the Clutter

My office was recently relocated to another building.  In doing so, I needed to clear out what is affectionally referred to as clutter.  You know, those items we hang onto thinking we will need them sometime in the future.  The funny part, was most of this clutter I forgot I had.

Hopefully, I am not the only one who has hung onto things really not needed; nor will actually ever be needed.  An example of of these items were job performance evaluations from 5 years ago – from an employer I no longer work for; really?  Who keeps stuff like that?  Well, obviously I do.

Needless to say, the recycle and shred bins quickly filled up and now I find myself in a new office.  Clear of clutter; a fresh start.  As I look around I envision so many new opportunities for the new year; but then I thought about my home office, my craft room, my laundry room and under the kitchen and bathroom sinks.  What else have I held onto that I can let go of?  Well, that set me out on a a de-cluttering mission.

I have read several books about the minimalist life style and I am not ready to go to that extreme, but I am ready to reduce the amount of stuff I hold onto.  I am only keeping those items that really matter and I really plan to use in the future.  But, what to do with all of the stuff I am ready to release?

Well, eBay certainly can be an outlet (for those with time to monitor, list and mail stuff) and GoodWill is another great opportunity. But, what about those intangible stuff we are wanting to give up?  I began to look at my day and found I have clutter in that as well.

How many of you turn on the t.v. for background noise?  I know I am guilty of this.  I have opted now to turn on music – filling my house with wonderful sounds of Jimmy Buffett and other favorites.  As I drive the car on longer drives, I have become addicted to podcasts.  I find those filled with ideas and humor as they enlighten and lift me up along the way.  What about mindless t.v. watching?  I have tried to dvr those shows that I really want to see.  The reality of winter set in a few weeks ago and I drifted back into some old habits, but spring is just around the corner and I am hoping more time can be spent on planting flowers, taking longer walks and just enjoying the front porch with a glass of great Pinot Grigio.

As you gather up the clutter in your life, what can you clear out?  With a clean office, and decluttered home, I have found a new focus, a new drive, a new enthusiasm.   I have put together a list of projects I want to work on and each day I devote a little time to the next on the list.

What would you do once you have de-cluttered: pick up a new hobby, spend more time outside, or simply spend time with those who matter?  Take time to de-clutter and find a new focus, it really has worked wonders for me … well, until next time I need to move and start the process all over again!

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