Winter Sunset

Day 1 of the Journey

Today we are drawing a line in the sand.  We are moving to Key West …. someday.  We are inviting you to follow us on our adventure.  This adventure will chronicle our life of selling it all and moving to the Island.  We talk to a lot of people who have the same dream, but never make it happen.  Why?  Fear … obligations … name any excuse.  We are done with excuses, it is time for action.

Currently we split our time between the frozen North and Key West, but this winter has been brutal.  Winter storm Jonas was really miserable and the final straw.  But, the good news, it has put a fire under our butts to make this happen …

Why do we live in places where it snows?  I know, there are some people who think it’s pretty.  Well, let me tell you, one day you will reach a point where it’s not pretty, it’s just cold and nasty.

Winter Storm Jonas

Here’s our street scene just six hours into Jonas … really?  People think this is pretty?  Kevin pulled out the snowblower and thank goodness he did.  It was days later before we saw a city snowplow and even then, they skipped our street.  Yeah… welcome Winter!

Winter Sunset

Keep in mind, a week later, I mean a full week … here is how much snow is still on the ground.  Yes, the sunset is nice, but no Mallory Square.  After a week, the temperatures finally were above freezing… high enough for me to take a walk around the neighborhood.  On the positive side, I did catch the sunset.  But, being cooped up in the house, gave me extreme feelings of claustrophobia.  Sometime, even if it is cold and snowy, you have to get out, breathe fresh air and move.

As you can see, we ended up with over 23 inches of snow from Jonas and a week later here what’s left.

Winter storm Jonas

It really has spurred the desire to say, no more to winter.  Every time I see a plane overhead, I dream of flying South.  What do you think when you see a plane in the sky?  I dream of going Coastal… can you hear Kenny Chesney singing in the background?

Plane in sky

With family and work obligations, full time in Key West could prove to be challenging.  But, I think we are ready for the challenge.

Hold on… the adventure begins….

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