Toes in Sand Flag

Downsizing… what’s really needed?

Holy cow I have a lot of stuff…. well, let me rephrase, our family has a lot of stuff.  I started looking inside closets, the garage and the storage shed (more about that in a minute) and came to a very scary thought, I have a lot of stuff to downsize.  Why do we need to downsize?  Well, we won’t find a house a big as our current house in Key West.  Places there are really, really small… but that’s the price you pay to live in paradise.

But, instead of getting overwhelmed, I began to think, what do I really need to take?  Well, first I need this worn out, faded flag.  It has flown in the garden for the past several years and speaks to me … sincerely, it captures the spirit of the Island…don’t you agree?

Toes in Sand Flag

It has been with us for birthday celebrations, graduations and farewells.  So, this is definitely the first thing to pack.

Looking inside my closet, I can donate to Goodwill all of my sweaters.  I will only need (in a bad year) maybe one?  So, off they go.  Winter coats, gloves, hats, you get the picture…. all out of here.

In the kitchen, I have that paired down to the basics.  A small selection of pots and pans I use all of the time and a few dishes.  But, I have wine and beer glasses ready to go as well as my cocktail shaker and lemon/lime juicer.  Really who can leave those behind?  There is also room for the blender… but, do I need the Margaritaville Concoction Mixer?  I think so, it would really nice on the bar… balcony…. patio… whatever we end up with.

Have you thought about what you would need to live?  Instead of facing each room with what do I want to keep or what do we need to get rid of, I decided to go with what do I need to live?  I has made the choices of what to keep and what to donate much easier.  If I don’t need it to live in Key West…. why bring it?

The experience of cleaning out the closets has been very soothing.  With less clutter and stuff, my mind is clearer and I feel less burdened; even if you are not moving to an Island, I highly encourage you to try this.  Even if it is just one room or closet, you will be amazed how much better you feel.

As for that storage unit, it is full of the kid’s stuff.  They may have moved out of the house (or in one case moved back into the basement) but their childhood stuff is all packed neatly away in a storage unit… which I pay for monthly.  That is the next thing that will be cleaned.  Whatever the kids don’t want, will be donated, and if they cannot find the space to store their treasurers, then maybe they can bribe their grandmother to let them store in all in her attic.


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