Gypsy or Pirate?

Well, we are coming up on another trip to Key West.  Every time we go down to the Keys, I think, how can we make this a permanent move?  I think anyone who has visited Key West feels the same.  That got me thinking, are we gypsies or pirates?

Mr. Webster defines a gypsy as someone who moves from place to place and doesn’t stay in any one place too long.  A pirate is someone who steals from others.  Well, hopefully we aren’t pirates, but rather more like gypsies.  But, if we look at the way the movies and books romanticize pirates, their lifestyle, one has to admit it is pretty cool.  The stealing part aside, a pirate roams the seas looking for adventure and then returns back to home port to spend/share their ill gotten spoils.

But, do us gypsy types bounce from place to place because we haven’t found a place to call home?  So, when a gypsy finds a place to call home do they then become a pirate?  Follow me on this.  We have bounced from place to place really not calling any one place home.  But, as soon as our feet touched sand in Key West, we knew we were home and come hell or high water we are always aiming to get back “home”.  But, with all of our responsibilities of life, we really can’t pack it all up and move tomorrow down to the Keys, but we certainly can travel around, seeking adventure and then return back to home port (Key West).

How many of you relate to Jimmy Buffett when he sings about pirates or Van Morrison when he wants to “rock our gypsy soul” in “Into the Mystic”?  There is a certain breed of people who, in a heartbeat, would pack up to seek out adventure.  Then there are others who never dream of life beyond their city limits.  Then there are those who only experience the gypsy/pirate lifestyle one week a year, while on vacation.  We choose to be part of the first group – willing to seek adventure.

Now we don’t always get to act on the impulses like we used to (aging parents and kids – I think they call us the squeezed generation), but we are taking the steps daily that get us closer to the dream of returning back to home port.

Now, for us adventure seekers, let’s not be too hard on those who don’t have a gypsy soul.  We need the stable crowd to provide some sort of foundation or else the world would fall into anarchy.  When you see them on their annual vacations, smile and raise a glass to them.  They will return back to being doctors, lawyers, bankers and such.  Us gypsies, at some point, in our lives will need one of these to help us out of a situation.  But, until then, we will continue to roam, seek adventure, let the salt air coat our skins and winds fill our sails.

Arrggghh!! or Moving onto the next visit



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