Happy New Year’s

Well, it has been awhile since I posted, but it really has been busy. We made a trip down the Keys and then came the Holidays. It seems we all go into a different mode once Halloween has come and gone.  We polish off the last of the Halloween candy and immediately plan for a Thanksgiving feast; then roll right into making cookies and fudge for Christmas.  Seems our whole attitude revolves around food.

This year, I took a different approach.  I was sitting at the Thanksgiving table and realized really what the whole Holiday season was about … family (be it blood or adopted).  I am sure you all have a very sane family, but mine is full of interesting characters and honestly I don’t think I would have it any other way.

Our youngest boys are looking at the beginning of their adult lives.  One has graduated from college and the other will in May.  They have their whole lives before them and I sat back and reflected on so many past Thanksgivings.  How we fussed over driving to visit family and whether or not the pie turned out perfect.  How time really had flown and has it really been over 23 years of Thanksgivings with these wonderful kids?  I took a moment to take it all in and realized it really is a good life.

The oldest is moving back to our area with family in tow.  He is in a different part of his adult journey – balancing the family while still wanting to hold onto his youth.  He will too learn, hopefully sooner than later, life is indeed about the journey and enjoying every moment; be it good or bad.  The good times we hold onto and the bad, well, sometimes after much time has passed we can find some bright spot or they become moments of teaching and learning.

Our youngest granddaughter turned one just after Thanksgiving.  She is a reminder of how quickly time passes.  She is perfect and that comes from a very unbiased Grandma :)  She is very serious and smart as a whip.  We plan lots of fun adventures for her this coming year.  We will be playing outside, planting flowers in the spring and doing all of those fun things one-year olds love to do.  Grandpa and Grandma will be loving every moment.

So, as I looked around the Holiday table, at family, I thought about what does 2015 have in store and what should my New Year’s Resolutions be?  Of course, spending time with family topped the list, but more than that, enjoying family.  Taking time to visit while they are at the house; really listening to them and being an active part of their lives.

It really is true, as we get older, we become wiser.  Wiser to what really is important.  I will let you in on the secret …. it not “what” but “who”.  So, here’s a toast to the New Year.  May yours be filled with all that you wish and may your heart be full.



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