Keeping the Feeling – Vacation State of Mind

Ok, you’ve made it back from vacation.  You’re really are sad about going back to the daily grind – what now?  We have all had this happen.  We spend sometime in paradise and then have to give it all up to go back to home, work and other obligations.  Is it the location of our vacation that makes it paradise or is it the lack of obligations?  You know, that vacation state of mind where all is forgotten and no stress.

I think its the state of mind we need to hold onto when we leave paradise.  Then, our every day work days become paradise.  So, with that as our task today, how do we create the vacation state of mind?

First, we need to determine what really makes up this state of mind.  Well, you are relaxed, avoiding stress, enjoying every moment, living life to the fullest and trying new things.  Hmmm … this sounds like how we should live every day of our life no matter if on vacation or sitting in a business meeting or taking the kids to an activity.

We have now defined the parameters of the state of mind, how do we keep it or get there?  Put yourself into vacation mode.  The everyday little things are forgotten.  So what if you need to stand in line at the grocery store, take the time to look around and talk to new people.  The laundry needs done … well sometimes we do laundry on vacation, but it doesn’t seem to be so bad.  Put on some music and dance while the load washes or dries.

Want to try something new?  Think back to that really great meal you had while on vacation – now try to recreate it while at home.  Create a signature drink (adult or non – whatever you feel like) and really take time to cook and enjoy those in the kitchen with you.

Now, I am not saying everyday can be a vacation.  Kids, jobs, bills, etc.. can all be a drain on us, but on those really hectic days, find at least 5 minutes where you can stop and focus on clearing your head and getting into vacation state of mind.

The medical community is always saying we need to reduce stress and take care of ourselves to ensure a long and happy life.  So, instead of living for a one week vacation a year, let’s try to make each  week of the year feel like vacation.

How every day of our lives should be lived!

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