Le Macaron French Pastries Key West – How I love Thee!

With much anticipation I waited to see what would go into the newly vacated space on Duval.  As I walked by I would peer in and see the progress.  Beautiful pink walls, French design… yep something different was coming to town.  Then Le Macaron French Pastries Key West opened up and my life hasn’t been the same since.  I took French in high school, so of course, I am obsessed with good French food.   Le Macaron does not disappoint.

le macaron

The Macarons

Well, this is the star of the show … or  store.  These wonderful bites of heaven are offered in 20, yes I said 20, different flavors.  From classic chocolate to exotic Earl Grey.  They are made with gluten free ingredients and no preservatives.  The best part?  Only 80 calories each!  I always top off my French Gelato with a macaron. It really is the best of both worlds.


Our youngest graduated from Culinary School so I learned, from him, the difference between gelato and ice cream.  Gelato is usually made with fresh ingredients (cream, sugar, fruits, etc) and has a lower fat content than ice cream, but a little more sugar.  Also, ice cream, when churned has a lot of air while gelato tends to have less air, making it more dense.  Because of this, the flavor is usually more intense as well.  Le Macaron offers some of the best gelato in town.  Pick a flavor, pick a macaron, sit down and enjoy!


Did I mention they also serve coffee?  I know, we are in the heart of some of the best Cuban coffee, but sometimes a cup of espresso or a vanilla latte hits the spot.  Freshly made to order, each cup is served perfectly made.

Yep, I love this place.  So  much so that it was my daily treat white in town.  After all, the macaron and gelato were better for me than a cookie and ice cream… or so I told myself.

As you walk down Duval and find yourself at Le Macaron (423 Duval) stop in and check out the store.  It is bright, pink and charming.  The cuisine doesn’t scream Key West, but the flavors draw you in.

Let me know what your favorite flavors are!

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