Key West Beach

Old Town or Ocean View?

When you start to look for a place to live in Key West, it can be a little overwhelming.  First off, the prices are high.  Once the shock of what $300k can buy wears off then comes the big decision; where in Key West?  We love Old Town, you can walk everywhere and everything is close to you.  You can walk to the grocery store, you can walk to Mallory Square, you can walk to Happy Hour, you get the point, you can walk anywhere.  But, there are no views in Old Town.

Key West Beach
Do you want to live across the street from this?
Duval Street, Key West
or… would you rather be right in town?

Ahh… we move to an island to see water; right?  Then do we want the ocean view?  This puts us farther out of town, but across the street from a beach.  With really cool amenities such as a pool, parking….

I keep leaning towards an Old Town location.  I would give up a pool and other amenities to live the true Key West lifestyle. But, with that decision comes a much, much smaller space.  In Old Town, places are about half the size as they are farther out of town.  That’s ok since now it’s just the two of us, but makes for very cramped quarters when family comes to visit.

Old Town, Key West
Possible Old Town view?

Recently on “Island Hunters” the family was looking for a second home in Key West.  The grown kids wanted to be close the beach versus closer to town.  In the end, they chose a condo unit across from Smather’s Beach.  They figured they could always catch a cab or bike to town.  Being close the beach was much more important than being in town.  So, this prompted me to look at my choices for houses in Key West.  As I said, I lean more towards a location in Old Town, but my budget has me looking out of town closer the beach.

North Roosevelt Blvd, Key West
This area is budget friendly….

In the end, does it really matter where you are located just as long as you are in Key West?  I think being on The island is more important …. everything else will just work itself out.


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