The BEACH – Washington DC

I know, Washington DC is no where near a beach, but this summer (2015) there is a beach in town.  The BEACH at the National Building Museum is an awesome mixture of art, architecture and fun.  If you find you are near Washington DC this summer make plans to stop and enjoy.

The official website states “The BEACH is contained within an enclosure and built out of construction materials such as scaffolding, wooden panels, and perforated mesh, all clad in stark white. Monochromatic beach chairs and umbrellas sprinkle the 50-foot wide “shoreline,” and the “ocean” culminates in a mirrored wall that creates a seemingly infinite reflected expanse. Visitors are welcome to “swim” in the ocean, or can spend an afternoon at the “shore’s” edge reading a good book, play beach-related activities such as paddleball, grab a refreshing drink at the snack bar, or dangle their feet in the ocean off the pier.”

The BEACH, Washington DC National Building Museum
Fun times at the Washington, DC Beach
The BEACH Washington DC, National Building Museum
Relaxing at the Beach

We happen to be in Washington DC and I extended our trip one extra day so we could go see The BEACH. I am really a beach bum at heart and will not miss an opportunity to see a beach; no matter how big or small, a beach is a beach after all! (Thanks Dr. Seuss!)


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