YOLO … yeah, but…

YOLO does that make you smile?  I should back up and make sure everyone understands what YOLO is… You Only Live Once.  So, now does YOLO make you smile or do you find the “yeah, but” excuse to not embrace the feeling?

I recently posted about how expensive living in Key West can be, and several of the comments received, in one form or another, shouted YOLO.  Well, I thought about it and for about 30 seconds I embraced YOLO and thought now is the time to sell it all and move permanently down to Key West.  Then … very quickly, I heard my inner voice, shout, yeah… but, you have a good job, you have kids to think about, you have parents to take care of, etc. Isn’t that interesting as I have drawn the line in the sand and made the decision to move to Key West, I am still hearing the voice of doubt.

What does your voice of doubt tell you?  You won’t be able to afford to live your dream live?  You will never get out of the rat race?

When I was younger I didn’t seem to hear the voice of doubt.  Threw caution to the wind and be damned the consequences.  We moved from the west coast to the east coast without a thought, no job, no home … so what’s the difference this time?  Older and wiser? More grownup? I don’t know, but it is really hard to hear over the voice of doubt some days.

I spent two and half hours the other day driving to a three hour meeting.  Let that soak in, a five (5) hour round trip drive for a three hour meeting.  Hmmmm…. was it a productive meeting?  Not really, but part of the daily grind called a job.  To top it off, not the best view either.  Check it out … snow in the air, no green on the trees, just a brown, yucky view from the windshield.


If you leave Key West and travel two and half hours you will be in Key Largo – lunch at Alabama Jacks.  Sounds like a much better way to spend my day.

So, while driving and trying to embrace this YOLO mantra, it got me thinking about how to live in Key West.  I don’t have a pension and haven’t won Powerball, so unless some money Genie knocks on my door, I am stuck trying to make it in this world all my own.  (Unless you think you would contribute to a Go Fund Me page to pay for me living in the Keys??)  Anyway, do I want to own my own business?  Find a freelance job which lets me work from anywhere?  Haven’t finalized the plan … yet, but am working through all of my options.

Have not given up on the YOLO, but (you knew there would be a but), I am trying to balance the carefree life of YOLO and being responsible to my kids, parents and husband.  All I know, I am one day closer to living in paradise.


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