Enjoying a sunset sail… Kevin has a camera in hand!

We are Michele and Kevin O’Connor and we love, love Key West.  From our first visit, we have been smitten with this tiny Island.  Probably a lot like you…. which is why you are checking out our website.

Who are we and what do we know about Key West?

We are avid travelers.  Road trip is our middle name.  Any chance we get, we are on the open road.  We even have jobs that have us traveling around.  I guess you could say it’s a way of life.  A few years back, we ended up at the end of the road, A1A that is, and found Key West.  It truly was love at first sight.

We met in Alaska and since then have been looking for a place that reminded us of that frontier spirit… we found it in Key West.

As often as we can we travel back to Key West and enjoy every minute we have on the Island.  Our youngest lives in Florida, so it gives us a great excuse to stop in and say “hi” to him before we travel down to the Keys.  Our boys finally were able to take a trip to the Keys and now have been bitten by the bug…. the Key West bug… and they travel there as often as they can too.

Which brings us to why we have created this website.  We want to help you plan your trips down to Key West.  Notice I said “trips”?  You will want to visit over and over again …. trust us on that!  Reach out we are here to answer your questions and help you not be overwhelmed when planning your trip. 

A toast to all of you…

Want to explore ideas on your own?  Check out our website.  Every one of our posts is written by us… which means, we only write about what we have done, seen, or been.  You get our honest opinion about a restaurant, bar, or tour.

Kevin is a wonderful photographer and most of our website is filled with his photos.  I use my iPhone and find it does a pretty decent job.  Also, I write most of the articles – so if you find grammatical errors or unfinished thoughts… let me know… I will probably blame it on tequila but will appreciate your input.

Also, feel free to comment.  We love to hear what you think.  Comment on a post or we have a very active social media fan base on Facebook and Instagram and would love to hear from you.  Give us ideas on where to go, food to eat and of course drinks to try.

Finally found one that I didn’t have on sunglasses…

Like most of you, we want to live in Key West full time and are working on that goal every day.  Follow my blog as I will keep you updated on the struggle …. and some days it is a struggle because we really want to be there instead of here.  Here we work long hours and have days filled with cold and snow in the winter months… unless we have escaped for a short period of time to the Island.

This is why I post a lot of recipes for food and drinks.  I want to recreate Key West, here.  So, I find recipes that use items easily found in most grocery stores to make food that reminds us of the Island.  Of course, we built a Tiki Bar in our basement and spend a lot of off time at the O’Connor Bar.  I play bartender and love to experiment with new recipes.  After much taste testing,  I then share the recipe with all of you.  Periodically, I will provide you with ideas on decorating for your next Island party or simply a way to bring Key West to your backyard.

margaritaville frozen concoction maker

Our own Tiki Bar… or what we call the O’Connor Bar

I think we can all agree that Key West is paradise and one of our favorite spots.  If you have not been yet, well sit back and read about how much this place has to offer, and like I tell everyone, you will very quickly plan your return trip!


Michele and Kevin