Best Take Out Pizza – Onlywood Key West

We love pizza … and beer.  Who doesn’t?  Key West has so many seafood options, sometimes it is easy to overlook your favorite staple, especially if it’s pizza.  The days can get busy and sometimes it is really nice to sit in a quiet spot and just enjoy the warmth of Key West … and a slice of pizza.  We think the best take out pizza comes from Onlywood Key West.  You can order ahead or walk in and order a pie to go, either way, the pizza will be wonderful.

Located off a small alley on Duval, this place can easily be missed, but don’t.  The address is 613 1/2 Duval, but just follow your nose… it will lead you to where they make authentic Italian cuisine.  Truly a hidden gem.

onlywood key west

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Our favorite pizza on the menu is the Hawaii.  It has fresh San Marzano pizza sauce, pineapple and ham.  The crust is thin and perfectly crisped in Onlywood’s wood fire pizza oven.  The dinning room is small and usually busy.  Onlywood does offer outdoor seating, but we usually take our fresh pizza home to enjoy.

Not in the mood to walk over?  They do offer delivery, but only in Old Town.  They are insistent on quality and if they have to travel to New Town, the pizza might get cold.

The restaurant is owned by Davide Cremascoli and Alessandro Piazzo.  They escaped New York for the quiet life of Key West.  Mr. Piazzo ran a pizza place in Manhattan for ten years and thankfully he brought his talents to Key West.  Using fresh ingredients found on the Island, they combine them with authentic Italian recipes and create a very unique menu.

The menu boasts homemade pasta, and mozzarella made every day.  They use super fine flour to create light and crispy pizza crust.

Check out the Happy Hour specials.  From May to October (5:30 to 7:30) and November to April (3:30 to 5:30).


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