Bike Rentals

Biking is a fun activity on the Island.  As a matter of fact, it is the way most people get around.  Most people use or rent the typical beach bike.  This isn’t your normal mountain bike but rather an “old school” big bike with foot brakes and a front basket.  If this doesn’t bring back childhood memories of your first Schwinn, then I don’t know what will.  To give you an idea of the size of most bike baskets, two six packs (of your favorite beverage) fit very nicely.

Bike Riding in Key West

Biking along South Roosevelt Blvd. Nice large sidewalk to bike and admire the Atlantic Ocean

Key West is biker friendly.  There are designated bike trails and bike lanes throughout the Island.  Also lots of bike rakes to lock your bike up to while you enjoy the sights, sounds and all that the Island offers.

There are various rental companies to choose from and they will deliver and pick up where you staying.  Also, check with your hotel or inn to see if they have bikes.  Most have bikes available for their guests.  Most rentals run $12 to 15 a day.  You can rent either by the day, weekend, or the week, just ask. Make sure you lock up your bike, as we have heard of bikes being stolen.

Bike Riding in Key West

Biking out to the White Street Pier.

We used Eaton Rentals the last time we were down.  The bikes were in great shape and the employees were very friendly.

If bikes aren’t your thing or you just are not able to ride a bike, you may want to consider renting an electric car, scooter or hire a pedicab.  There are many options available; you may want to consult your hotel for recommendations.  The electric cars can seat up to six people, so if you are traveling with people who have a difficult time walking, this is a great option.

Just beware you can’t drink and drive which includes all of the above.  One of our most entertaining moments on Duval was watching a pedicab driver take a field sobriety test while his fare waited in the pedicab.  Not sure if he passed, but it provided great entertainment and a source of continued entertainment.  Always have a designated driver if you are opting to in bib in adult beverages.

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