3 Great Ways to Drink Blue Chair Bay Rums

I love hearing the stories behind a product, the music, a business.  It makes the connection between you and them, much more real.  When you connect with one of these stories… it sticks with you.  That is how I feel about Kenny Chesney’s music.  His songs really speak to me and I am sure you as well.  That is why when I found Blue Chair Bay rum, I was hooked.

Each bottle is Key West.  The flavors, the smell, the tastes all remind me of Key West.  Each sip transports me back to the island and lets me relive great memories.

blue chair bay rum

The Rums

The rums are not your run of the mill kinds.  The Key Lime Rum Cream is smooth and very drinkable.  Actually, all of the rums, no matter the flavors are drinkable on their own.  You can choose from many flavors including coconut, spiced coconut and banana.  The white and gold are wonderful as well.

The Recipes

So, how do I enjoy these rums?  Here are three of my favorite recipes so far.  Stay tuned, more to follow!

Banana Fizz

2 oz Banana Rum

1 oz pineapple juice

Club Soda

In a lowball glass filled with ice, add the rum and juice.  Top with club soda

blue chair bay rum

Barrel Roll

This one reminds me of the Root Beer shot at the Green Parrot.

2 oz vanilla rum

Root Beer

In a lowball glass filled with ice add the vanilla rum and top with root beer.

blue chair bay rum

Coffee and Pie

This one is smooth and a great sipping drink.

1 oz key lime rum cream

1 oz coffee liqueur

1 oz club soda

In a lowball glass filled with ice add the ingredients.

blue chair bay rum

The Story

As I mentioned, I love to hear stories.  The why, the where, the how.  In Kenny’s own words, here is the story about Blue Chair Bay rum.  Let me know which one is your favorite.

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