27 Creative Packing List and Travel Planning Spreads For Bullet Journal

As a blogger, I am always looking for better ways to organize my thoughts, to do lists and so much more.  A few years ago, I stumbled upon the Bullet Journal, and I haven’t looked back.  Those of you who use this system will totally understand why this is game changing but let me tell you why for those who are new to this.  It allows you to be creative and lets you custom design a system that works for you.  I can often be creative, but sometimes I just don’t want to be or simply don’t have time.  Especially when it came to creating Bullet Journal packing list layouts.  

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I, like most Bullet Journal junkies, collect pens, stickers, Washi tape, and journals.  They are so fun to shop for and collect.  We all need a hobby, right?  Check out a few of my favorite items I have in my collection (or wish was in my collection)

A few notes about my supplies… which I of course take with me on trips.  I have a basic set of pens.  Many colors to choose from which lets me create pages that are fun to look at.  My journals have high-quality paper.  This makes a difference because you don’t want your pens to bleed through to the other side.

As I start to pack for a trip, the first thing I do is create a list.  Don’t we all?  I try to remember what I missed on the last trip and begin there.  But, I got to thinking, why not use my Bullet Journal to track the list and everything else about the trip.  So, I went down the internet rabbit hole, and this is what I found.

At CrazyLaura.com she shows off several.  I picked out a few that I think are very nice.  They range from simple to very creative.

This first one is very basic.  I like the clean lines of the headings and how easy it would be to add items to each section.

bullet journal packing list

This one offers a Friends theme.  Have to say it’s one of my guilty pleasure shows to binge.  I still laugh at the episode where Joey says “Could I be wearing any more clothes?”  Think how you could change the theme to fit your favorite tv show.

Friends bullet journal packing list

This Bullet Journal packing list is fun.  Who doesn’t love to look at luggage while planning your list?

luggage bullet journal packing list

This version is so pretty.  I am sure I am not the only one who loves to sit by the window on an airplane.

airplane bullet journal packing list

I love the flowers in this one.  If you are not as creative as this, think about using stickers (here are some very pretty options).  It’s an easy way to create beautiful Bullet Journal spreads.

flower vacation packing list

Every time I visit Disney, I think of something new I need to bring the next time.  This spread will help you pack all of those needed things for your next magical vacation.

disney packing list

This one is so clever.  Pack according to the weather.  I think we try to do that, but this one clearly shows what the weather is expected to be and makes packing a breeze.

travel packing list

Another luggage option… reminds me of a beach trip!

beach packing list

This minimalist layout offers a lot of options. No matter when and where you are traveling.

simple packing list

I can’t wait to use this one to pack for my next beach trip… what about you?

travel packing list

This one would be pretty simple to create.  I might use stickers instead of drawing the items.

bullet journal packing list

Again, I love how simple this is.  But, much prettier than a scrap paper list.  

Here’s one I found from PageFlutter.  What I like about this layout is not only is it a master packing list but also a to do list for what needs to be done before you head out for your trip.  Like… hold the mail and empty the fridge.

packing list for bullet journal

Here is a great family packing list layout.  At TypeBPlanner, they show how to ensure the whole family is prepared for the trip… anyone else has to pack for family members?  The best thing, it incorporates the weather and…. Stuff to do while on the trip.  How many times have you looked up your destination and thought, well I want to go there and then totally forget?  This keeps it all in one place.

master packing list

Another cute example using the luggage theme from WritingsandWanderlust.

vacation planner

Here’s a simple Bullet Journal layout.  This is an easy way to create a vacation packing list.

simple packing list

I have been bullet journaling for a long time and every day I find new ways to adapt the bullet journal method to my style.  As I mentioned, as a blogger, I need to create content… like this blog post.  But, I also need to have fun.  I like how a lot of these bullet journal ideas track the important things needed for travel.  So, when I found the next site, I was yeah!! This is what it’s all about.  

At WanderHerWay, I found so many cute and creative ideas… ranging from packing lists, to travel bucket lists, to itineraries, to a travel journal.  I know I will need a lot more journals, pens, stickers…..

Who would have thought about a savings tracker?  Create your tracker to match the destination.  Who else is ready to visit Vegas??

vegas trip savings tracker

With a bit of washi tape and fun pens, this To Do layout is so fun.

bullet journal

Part of the fun of going on vacation is the countdown… this layout is perfect to help count down the days until you hit the road.

countdown vacation

I like the itinerary page of this layout.  There is usually so much to track on trips, this simple layout keeps it all organized.

trip planner

A destination layout of your trip, budget, and all the details are great to help plan.  As you research your trip, you can note all of those awesome travel tips you find along the way.

vacation planner

Who would love this summer adventure?

summer trip planner

I love to document my trips.  Usually with photos, but the stories behind those photos can be captured with this Travel Diary.  I list my favorite things I saw and did on the trip which helps me plan out the next trip. You can create weekly spreads if you are going on a longer trip, or daily pages for shorter trips.  

bullet journa;

Another great example of a trip itinerary.  What to see, do, and where to eat. A beautiful spread.

bullet journal

Who doesn’t have a travel bucket list?  This one is such a great idea.  When you look at the world map, how many places are on your travel bucket list?

bucket list planner
bullet journal

This one is so darn cute, and I must admit at the top of my favorites list.  Love the idea of the outfits all drawn out.  

travel planner

I am so ready for my next trip.  If you haven’t converted over to the Bullet Journal, consider using one to track your travel plans, or create a habit tracker (water drank, exercise minutes, etc).  Not sure what your travel plans are, but all of these layouts are a great way to help stop writing reminders on sticky notes and get you better prepared for your next road trip.

bullet journal

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