Cole’s Peace

On our way to our hotel, the cab driver told us about this place.  He said they had the best bread in town.  Well, you know we had to try this place and let’s just say … it lived up to the hype.  First off, it is a quirky place.  Not only does it serve food, but it sells beer and wine and cooking supplies.  When I say cooking supplies, I mean, you know those really cool gourmet cooking shops with all of the really neat gadgets you can’t live without, kind of place.

They are located at 1111 Eaton Street – so pretty close to everything.  Check out their menu – Cole’s Peace also provides bread for other local restaurants.

The breakfast sandwiches are big enough to share, but ask for your own slice of dessert/treat. Life really is too short to share dessert.  We have eaten there several times and each time the food was great, the service was pleasant the the atmosphere was very relaxing.


Cole's Peace Key West, FL

During the “in season” there is an Artisan’s Market in the parking lot the first Sunday of every month.  Check it out, if you are in town.  The sell really neat stuff from hand painted tee shirts, furniture made from pallets, sea salt scrubs and really anything you can think of.  Stop by and talk to the artists, they love to tell you their story and how they ended up on the Island.

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