Roasted Coffee at Cuban Coffee Queen

One of the first stops after my morning walk is usually Cuban Coffee Queen.  Cuban coffee, hot or iced, depending on the season and I am ready to start my day.  But, what do my wandering eyes see one day?  A coffee roaster and bags of glorious coffee I could take home.  The skies opened up and I heard the angels singing….

cuban coffee queen

So Much More Than Coffee

Any diehard Cuban Coffee Queen fan knows that this place is much more than just coffee.  It’s a smoothie bar.  A breakfast and lunch place.  It’s… Key West. You can order traditional Cuban coffee, mochas, teas and so much more.  Hungover?  Try one of their special smoothies blended to ease some of your pain.  My favorite breakfast treat is the Cuban bread.  Call me boring, but I sometimes crave the simplicity of buttered and toasted bread.  For lunch, order a Cuban sandwich or a salad.  You get my point, this is so much more than a coffee place.  But….

cuban coffee queen

There’s Something New

At the Downtown location (at Key Lime Square on Duval) there is something new.  Inside an old barber shop next door, they have created a place where they roast coffee.  Better yet… they sell their roasted coffee.  Currently they have six varieties to choose from.  Three of them are:

  • Queen’s Roast – This is their darkest roast and their number one selling bean
  • Key West Sunrise- A medium to dark roast which they serve as their drip coffee
  • Ethiopia Yirgacheffe – This is my personal favorite.  It is a light to medium roasted coffee with wonderful floral notes.

cuban coffee queen

The Shop

Just like a coffee shop back home, Cuban Coffee Queen’s aromas will draw you in.  The roaster is inside and they offer samples of their coffees.  Assorted other items are for sale in the shop, like any other coffee place.  But, the prize is the freshly roasted coffee.  Pick up a bag for your stay (if you are lucky enough to have a coffee pot in your room) or take a bag home.  Trust me… you will be ordering more!


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