David Sloan – Episode #6

Today we are talking with David Sloan.  His is all things Key West. He has an interesting background.  He was a manager on a cruise ship, a baker and today he is an author, artist, cook a true renaissance man.

He’s been featured on the History Channel, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel, and even the Food Network.

I met with David and sat down with him to talk all about Haunted Key West a ghost tour/ghost hunt company he co-owns.  We also talk about the Key Lime Festival and the origins of Key Lime Pie. Keep an ear out for a random rooster crow. You will definitely know we are sitting in Key West.

It is fascinating to hear how a random ghost tour in Scottland, led him on his journey to Key West and starting Haunted Key West.  Plus he teases us with some of his upcoming projects.

I am always interested in what brings people to Key West and David’s story is unique.  He wanted to start a ghost tour and found an opportunity in Key West. I encourage you to not only take the tour but check out his books.  As he mentioned, they can be found in various locations in Key West and up the Keys as well. 

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Where to Find David Sloan’s Books

Interested in buying any of his books?  Check out some of these locations:

Key West Island Books, located at 513 1/2 Fleming Street

Books & Books, located at 533 Eaton Street

Of course, they can be found throughout Key West and the Keys too!

Key Lime Festival

Interested in the Key Lime Festival?  Check out the schedule and upcoming dates here.

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