Did Diners Drive-Ins and Dives Key West Episode Get it Right?

I am addicted to watching Guy Fieri on Friday nights tour the country and visit all of the off the beaten path food joints.    Diners Drive-Ins and Dives Key West episode was by far one of my favorites.  It was really cool to see Key West and, of course, the spots Guy chose.  But, did he get it right?  If you had to choose three, off the beaten path places in Key West to eat, what three would you choose?  Guy’s choices were Bad Boy Burrito, Garbo’s Grill and DJ’s Clam Shack.

Bad Boy Burrito

The first stop on the tour was Bad Boy Burrito.  Located at 1128 Simonton Street, this is a great stop.  Since the episode aired, it has moved locations.  All of the ingredients are fresh and locally sourced.  You can order a burrito, get either as a phattie or go naked.  Going naked … basically all of the yummy fresh ingredients are over rice in a bowl.  Not in the mood for a burrito?  Try a salad, taco or a smoothie.

diners drive-ins and dives key west

The fresh fish tacos…. yum and yum!

Garbo’s Grill

Second stop is Garbo’s Grill.  It also has moved since the episode was filmed.  Today it is found at 409 Caroline Street, behind Grunts Bar.  They have an updated airstream trailer now and the food is just as fabulous!  This is my go to place in Key West.  First stop when we hit town for lunch.  A umami burger and a cold draft beer… yep, I’m in heaven and enjoying every bite.  Of course, the menu has not changed since the episode and expect to stand in line.  But, well worth the wait… enjoy a beer or two, after all it’s Key West.

diners drive-ins and dives key west

My favorite is the Umami Burger

diners drive-ins and dives key west

Of course, a cold draft is the perfect side dish!

DJ’s Clam Shack

Last stop was DJ’s Clam Shack.  Located at 629 Duval Street.  I guess, here is where I have to admit, I am not a fan of clams.  But, Kevin is a huge fan.  He stops here everytime we are in town.  Our last trip, our son tried clams for the first time, and loved them.  So, maybe there is a chance for me too.  Kevin orders them with jalapeño peppers and swears they are the best … ever.  My go to menu item are the conch fritters.  Served with a side a fries and they are a fried dish of goodness.

diners drive-ins and dives key west

Conch Fritters with a side of chowder … who could resist?

With so many restaurants to choose from in Key West, I don’t know if Guy got it wrong or right.  His choices were great as they highlighted the off the beaten path places and captured the vibe of town.  So I ask again, what would your three choices be?


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