Ghost Tours

Ok, I must confess, I love ghost tours. The possibility of seeing an orb and hearing the stories about who and what still live in the old homes on the Island is very intriguing.  Key West is one of the top haunted cities in America, so of course, we go on a ghost tour when in town. You will find different tours to choose from in Key West. Here are two that we went on. Each a little different. One is a bus tour and the other is a walking tour.

Ghost Tour in Key West, FL

Our tour guide on the bus

The Ghost and Gravestones Trolley Tour is really a great “starter” tour.  The trolley takes you through town stopping in front of haunted sights.  The cool part of this tour is meeting Robert the doll.  The story behind the doll will ensure you never buy a large doll for any child ever again!

Ghost Tour in Key West, FL

Robert the doll to see..ask his permission to take his picture.

Another tour we like is a walking tour.  David L.Sloan’s Ghost Hunt starts at First Flight on Whitehead and wanders through Old Town.  Each person gets to use authentic ghost hunting equipment. You are able to use a heat laser to measure the temperature of the buildings and object to check on the presence of a spirit. A monitor that will signal the presence.  This one was really cool, because we were able to photograph an orb.  Remember to shoot your camera behind you as you walk away from “hot” zones, you can sometimes catch an entity following behind.

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Ghost Tour in Key West, FL

Walking Ghost tour..Picture of Orbs?

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