Key West in August (2002)

I get it, Key West in August may sound … well… really hot. Truthfully, it can be quite hot, but I think summer is the best time to visit Key West. This island city gets a bad rap in the summer. Unlike other beach locations, Key West slows down. I find it relaxing. The summer heat forces you to slow down and enjoy all that Key West offers.

So, when is the best time of year to visit Key West? Well, that really depends on if you prefer it hot or do you prefer it cooler? Don’t mind rain? Or want no chance of rain? During the summer months, there are usually smaller crowds and hotel rates are adjusted to “off-season” pricing. But, if you prefer lower humidity, then stick to the winter months (think January, February, and March).

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But, all of that said about the heat, a great time can be had … even in the hots days of summer.

Places to Explore

Of course, Duval Street comes to everyone’s mind first. Some of the best things about Duval are the air-conditioned bars and the live music. During the daytime, it can be a bit quiet, but at night… it’s quite a lively street (isn’t that the best way to think about the action on Duval?)

Don’t mind the heat? Or, want to enjoy live music in an outdoor setting? Stop by Smokin’ Tuna. Their outdoor space offers a hidden spot to enjoy a cold beverage and listen to amazing music. Want something a bit more quiet? Then head down Duval to Vinos and enjoy a glass of wine on their front porch.

Or, head over the Mallory Square and enjoy the world-famous sunset celebration Grab a beverage and enjoy what I think is the carnival atmosphere oceanside. Don’t forget to wander over to the Historic Seaport. Many cool shops and restaurants to explore.

Some of my other favorite locations to explore are:

Cool Off on the Water

Don’t feel like walking around in the heat? Need to explore the waters around Key West? The water temperatures in August average 87 degrees Fahrenheit. Snorkeling around the coral reef or simply enjoying a gorgeous sunset is an amazing way to spend any August day.

Want to stay on land? Then check out the pool parties at Dante’s … they are legendary!

Water Activities you don’t want to miss

key west in august sailboat on water at sunset

Weather – What to Expect

Key West in August, as I have mentioned before, can be hot, humid, and well… to some, uncomfortable. But, it’s all up to you and how you want to experience Key West. The average temperature sits around the low 90’s. Keep in mind, that is without humidity. So the feel’s like temperature can be pushing over 100 degrees once the relative humidity kicks in. Coolest month? January with an average temperature of 77 degrees. Still doesn’t sound too bad, especially if you are sitting inside watching it snow outside.

Looking for sunny days to ignite the tropical heat? Keep in mind August, usually only averages 4 sunny days per month, but you can count on about 22 partly cloudy days. December has the highest number of sunny days averaging 13 for the month.

Rainy Days… don’t let them get you down

As the song goes, “Rainy Days and Mondays….”, but in Key West, don’t let either of them get you down. There is a lot to do on this island even if it rains. In August, the average rainfall is around 3.3 inches with about 20 or so rainy days. But, it doesn’t usually rain all day so plan for adventure and fun.

Tropical storms and hurricanes are something I must mention. Always keep an eye on the weather forecast before arriving and, probably during your stay. August is smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic hurricane season, which runs from June through November. So be prepared and plan accordingly. If possible, allow for flexibility in your trip.

There are a lot of indoor activities you can do… other than day drinking. You can check out the museums, not only are they great places to escape the heat, but they are great places to escape the rain.

Or, go check out a movie at the Tropic Cinema. One of my most favorite movie theaters around. Or head over to Kermit’s for a yummy slice of Key Lime pie.

Driest month? That would be December with less than a 1/2 inch of rain on average. Wettest month? September with over 3.5 inches of rain.


Key West Tropical Heat

Enjoy five days of sizzling happenings in the island city whose openness and respect for diversity have made it a world-renowned gay vacation destination. The festival’s intriguing events range from all-male theme parties, pool parties, clothing-optional events, and adult-oriented entertainment showcasing the island’s LGBTQ venues. Attendees can also enjoy activities ranging from eco-tours to museum explorations.


Seafood lovers can chow down on Florida’s clawless lobster during a tasty “feast-ival” that features a savory schedule of events ranging from a traditional lobster boil to a lively street fair starring the sensational crustacean prepared in a variety of ways. The flavorful festivities celebrate the bounty of the Florida Keys lobster season that opens Aug. 6. Famous for its sweet and tender meat, the Keys’ spiny lobster often is served steamed with drawn butter, paired with a seasoned stuffing, or cold in savory salads.


The plant Nursery at the Key West Tropical Forest & Botanical Garden will be holding its monthly native plant sale from 9am to noon. Master Gardeners will be available to answer any plant questions. There are 165 species of native plants available including Cuban palms, Tomato and Pepper plants. The nursery inventory totals more than 2,000 plants which attract birds, butterflies and other pollinators in 1-gallon to 15-gallon pots. Key West Botanical Garden members receive a 15% discount. The Garden is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation and all proceeds directly benefit the Garden’s conservation program. The Garden is located at 5210 College Road on Stock Island.

Key West Bicentennial Exhibit at The Custom House Museum

Key West Art & Historical Society welcomes the public to view the ‘Key West 200’ exhibit at the Custom House Museum, 281 Front St. The exhibit is to highlight Key West’s people, culture and community beginning with the settlers and government officials who arrived on this remote island in early 1822, featuring rarely displayed artifacts. Divided by decade, the exhibit emphasizes many of the significant moments and people that have influenced so much of what we celebrate today.

Florida Keys History & Discovery Center presents: ‘The Study of Water’ Exhibition

The Florida Keys are an island oasis nestled in a sea of water. The Study of Water reveals four differing artistic expressions and intimate connections with water. Throughout the exhibition, each artist provides individual interpretations and personal associations with water. The works collectively reveal how water provides nourishment, sanctuary, and healing. Featured artists include South Florida and Florida Keys artists: Castro Humberto, Jul Jankowski, Derrick Crossland, and Lisa Lee Herman. Exhibit is open during business hours Tuesday-Sunday, 10am-5pm as part of museum admission through October 2, 2022. A gallery opening reception is to be held Aug. 24 from 5-7 pm. Admission is free and cash bar available.

Another popular event, that starts at the end of the month, is KEY WEST BREWFEST. It’s a time to try over 150 different kinds of beer and enjoy all the island offers.

Overall, August in Key West can be a lot of fun but is also a month filled with hot days. That said, any month in Key West is fun. It all really depends on what you want to do and when your calendar allows you to visit. My favorite time to visit Key West? Anytime! A good time is can be found in the hottest month and even the coolest month.

Mallory Square in Key West

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