Nutty Irishman Drink Recipe

This is a very smooth and addicting drink.  I found several recipes and after a little tinkering, and a lot of drinking, here is what I found to be the best Nutty Irishman Drink Recipe.  A Nutty Irishman combines the flavors of chocolate, whiskey, coffee and hazelnuts.  This is wonderful on a crisp fall evening or as an after dinner drink.

Nutty Irishman Drink Recipe


Combine 1 ounce cream, 2 ounces Irish Cream and 2 ounces Hazelnut liqueur in a cocktail shaker with ice.  Shake and serve over ice.


One variation is to add whipped topping to the original recipe.

Nutty Irishman Drink Recipe

Another is to add 2 ounces of Irish Whiskey.  The original has a light and smooth taste but if you prefer to have more of the whiskey undertones, this would be your option.

While another version has you add the cream, Irish Cream, Hazelnut liqueur and whiskey to a cup of strong brewed coffee.  This would be more like an Irish Coffee which combines coffee and Irish Whiskey.

A yummy milkshake version is to combine the Irish Cream, Hazelnut liqueur and cream with two scoops of vanilla ice cream and blend until smooth.  Try this one with coffee ice cream instead and take that boozy milkshake to the next level.  Of course, you are going to top either with whipped topping and possibly a cherry!

As a side note, I am not faithful to a specific brand of Irish Cream.  I know, the “go-to” is Bailey’s, but let’s face it, that can be really expensive.  Caroline’s Irish Cream is a great substitute for Bailey’s.  It still has a smooth taste and full of great flavor even though it is usually half the cost.  If you were feeling really adventurous you can make your own Irish Cream.  Interesting fact…. Irish Cream is considered a milk and sugar substitute for coffee.  Only the Irish would consider a creamy liqueur as a substitute for milk and sugar.



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