Orange Vodka Cocktail – Orange Soda

Orange Soda Cocktail Recipe



Orange Soda – Orange Vodka Cocktail:

Greetings from the Fun in Key West Tiki Bar. Ok, when your hear about an Orange for flavoring for juice or drinks, what and you think about? You are right, Florida the Sunshine State famous for juicy oranges. Here is a nice cocktail to sit back and think about sitting out by the pool in Key West.  Very simple to make and a nice orange taste. (Not the orange soda you drank as a kid.)




2 parts – Orange Flavored Vodka

2 – 3 parts Club Soda (to your taste buds)

Here we go:

I am using a Martini Glass. (I like this glass for the picture). Old Fashion glass will work for the pool or plastic if they do not allow glass around the pool.

Add Ice to chill the glass.

Add 2 to 3 parts Club Soda to the glass.

In a shaker fill 3/4 with Ice.

add 2 parts Orange Flavored Vodka to shaker, and shake to chill.

Pour chilled vodka into glass with club soda and ice, and stir.

Add a orange peel garnish for taste and presentation.


What do you think?

You will adjust the club soda to get to the taste you like.

Now orange you glad you tried this drink?

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