Rusty Nail Drink Recipe

Just the sound of this drink makes me think about pirates… arrrghhhh… drink your Rusty Nail!  This Rusty Nail drink recipe is super simple.  Just three ingredients and you will be sounding just like a pirate!

rusty nail drink recipe

Enjoy a Rusty Nail. The perfect end to a long day!

Step 1:

Add ice to a glass.  Add 2 parts scotch whisky and 1/2 part whisky/honey liqueur (such as Drambuie).  Stir, to chill the ingredients, then add a twist of lemon.

Sit back and enjoy!


According to, the Rusty Nail is the most famous scotch based drink in existence.  The drink dates back to 1937 which it was known as the “B.I.F”.  Not until the 1960’s did this drink actually become known as the Rusty Nail.

The recipe is attributed to the “21 Club” in Manhattan.  The name finally stuck withe the Chairwoman (yep, woman) of the Drambuie Liqueur Company endorsed the drink.

This was one of the preferred drinks of the famous Rat Pack and probably why it became so popular.

Today, the drink seems to have lost its appeal and popularity.  But, let’s start a new movement.  Enjoy this cocktail while listening to Old Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra, or if you prefer the idea this is the drink of pirates, then listen to  some Jimmy Buffett.  Or put on a Pirates of the Caribbean movie and enjoy while sipping a Rusty Nail.

Either way, this will be the perfect drink to cap off a dinner or any evening.


The Rusty Ale – Add a shot of Drambuie to beer and drink without ice.  (Well of course you would drink without ice… who drinks beer over ice?)

The Railroad Spike – Very popular for brunch… add 4 parts cold brewed coffee and one part Drambuie; serve in a tall glass over crushed ice.

The Donald Sutherland – Use Canadian Rye Whisky instead of scotch.


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