5 Reasons Why you Need to go to Sandy’s Key West

I am a coffee freak.  I love coffee.  Espresso, Cuban, French … you get the idea.  Sandy’s Key West is absolutely one of my favorite places in town.  Why?  So many reasons, but five come to mind.


Yep, I said roosters.   I know you can go just about anywhere in Key West and see roosters, but the ones at Sandy’s are different.  I don’t know what it is, but they are aloof, entertaining and just facinating to watch.  Other areas around town the roosters are skittish and sometimes hard to watch.  Here, pull up a stool and they wander around like you are in their space.  (I guess we really are…)  Anyway, they act like you aren’t there so it provides a great opportunity to just … watch.

sandys key west


Locally owned, the folks here take great pride in serving a consistent product every day of the year.  The staff is friendly so expect to be treated like a friend when you order.  As you can see from their promo video, most of the folks have worked at Sandy’s for a long time.  It’s family, it’s well… Sandy’s.



When you order coffee how could you skip out on a guava pastry?  Somewhat sweet these pastries will be a part of your morning routine, most, if not all mornings.  Want something more traditional?  How about Cuban bread with butter.  This is one of my personal favorites.  Slightly crunchy and oh so buttery.

Want a breakfast sandwich?  They can do that too.  The lunch and dinner platters will not leave you hungry.  Served with yellow or white rice, black beans, plantains and bread these platters are big enough to share!  Not sure what you want?  This leads me to my next reason to visit Sandy’s Key West…

Get what you want

Don’t know what you want?  Let them customize something for you.  My son wasn’t sure he wanted a Cafe con Leche, because he was in the mood for hot chocolate.  Guess what, the gentleman behind the counter said, we can make what you want.  They customized his Cafe con Leche to be made with half hot chocolate… the verdict?  My son loved it.  They took the time to make him something he really wanted, that wasn’t on the menu.

Feel free to change up your order.  Prefer low-calorie sweetener in your coffee?  They will accommodate.  It all goes back to family.  They treat you like family and want to make sure you have an awesome experience… every time.

sandys key west

Just a Damn good cup of coffee

It seems silly to say at this point, but you should head over to Sandy’s Key West for the coffee.  They make some of the best on the Island.  Whether you order a Cafe con Leche, a colada, or even a buchi, they are simply damn good cups of coffee.  Open until midnight Sunday through Wednesday and twenty-four hours on the weekend, Sandy’s is the perfect spot to either start or end your day while in Key West.

sandys key west

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