Sunrise – White Street Pier

One of my favorite places to photograph the Sunrise is at the White Street Pier. The Pier is located at the corner of White Street and Atlantic Blvd. I like this location because you have a selection of subjects to place in your photo. There is the Pier itself, light posts, palm trees, beach, birds, and people. You are able to walk out on the pier if you only want the water and sunrise. You can set up on the beach behind the Pier to capture the pier and sunrise. If you face the pier at the entrance, the sunrises on the left hand side of the Pier.

I usually set up on the right side beach with my tripod and zoom lens on my DSLR camera. At this location the pier will be in you picture. There is a bike path with picnic benches on the left hand side of the pier that has a walk way to the rock beach, but I have found the homeless people are sleeping here in the morning.

I arrive 30 minutes before sunrise to pick out my spot and see the weather pattern for the morning. The clouds could be a factor in viewing the sun has it rises above the horizon.

The following are some photos I have taken and the time line. The sun will rise very quickly and the whole event may last only 10 minutes. This morning, the clouds were out but not blocking the horizon line.

Sunrise in Key West, FL

Sunrise – Start at 7:36a  I am shooting from the beach. I am using the couple on the bench on the pier as my subjects along with the ships in the background.

Sunrise in Key West, FL

Sunrise – 7:38am. Here comes the sun!


Sunrise in Key West, FL

Sunrise 7:41 am

The clouds will become a factor to see the full sun. The clouds do give you colors, images and shadows to capture in your photos.

Sunrise in Key West, FL

Sunrise – 7:46am above the clouds and free!

I like the palm trees to give the Key West tropic feel.Using a 4 point Star filter to show off the sun beam.

On another visit, the clouds blocked the sun coming over the horizon. This shot is taken from the left side of the pier on the beach access.

Sunrise in Key West, FL

Sunrise – 6:57am – The clouds blocked the horizon and we missed the sunrise today.

The White Street Pier offers a good selection to choose from. There is a sandy beach to take some photos with the water breaking on the rocks. Come on out, and enjoy a Key West Sunrise.

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