key west glass bottom boat

The Best Key West Glass Bottom Boat Tours

If you want to see the beautiful marine life in the waters around Key West, but don’t want to get wet… then you must check out a Key West glass bottom boat tour. There are two companies in town that offer amazing experiences.

First off, what is a glass bottom boat? I usually assume most people know what they are, but just in case you don’t… it’s a boat with sections of glass or other transparent material below the waterline that allows passengers to observe the underwater environment aboard the boat.

Interesting fact, the glass bottom boat was invented by Hullam Jones in 1878 in Silver Springs, Florida. He created it for his personal use, but it caught on and, well, the rest is history. The oldest glass bottom boat is the Princess Donna from Silver Springs, FL and is still operating on the Rainbow River in Dunnellon, Florida.

You can choose to head out with either Fury or Floridays for your Key West glass bottom boat tour.

Fury started out in 1953 with The Fireball. She has since been replaced with The Pride of Key West. This is the second oldest attraction in Key West. The Pride of Key West is a 65 foot aluminum catamaran. Her award winning design protects the reefs around Key West and provides a more stable ride for her passengers.

Floridays offers, just like Furry 1/2 day and sunset sails. But they also have an eco-tour. Head out to an off-shore island or sandbar. There you can paddleboard, snorkel, explore, or simply sit on the sand and enjoy the beauty of the blue waters around you.

Either option offers amazing trips out to see the marine life and underwater environment in the waters around Key West. Book your spot today and be sure to tell them Fun in Key West sent you!

You will probably see parrot fish, like this one while out on a Key West glass bottom boat tour