The Speakeasy Inn – a True Hidden Gem

While in town for a short trip, we opted to stay at a bed and breakfast.  Our first choice?  The Speakeasy Inn.  I am actually writing this with a little bit of concern because if everyone else hears about how great the Speakeasy Inn is, then we may never… ever…. get another room.

The Speakeasy Inn and Rum Bar


This place is a true hidden gem.  Located at 1117 Duval Street, this place is centrally located to most of the adventures you can find in town.  The location is a bit closer to the southern end of Duval, so expect a little bit of a walk if you are heading down to Sloppy Joe’s or Irish Kevin’s but, based on the room prices, this is a great place to stay.

There is no pool on site, but a few short blocks down Duval, and you are at the Southernmost Beach.  The Southernmost Beach offers chair rentals, bathrooms and refreshments.  Plus, you are at the southernmost end of Duval, which is a little quieter and, let’s face it, you are on a beach…

Rum Bar

Did I mention there is a Rum Bar on site?  Yep, opens every day at 11am.  This place is the place for rum on the island.  With over 300 rums on hand, you can’t go wrong with any rum you choose.  Not sure what kind you like?  The bartenders are very knowledgeable about rums and can offer suggestions, or better yet, try a flight of rums.  Feel like a Rum Runner or even a PainKiller?  The Rum Bar makes the best in town.  Imagine a drink made with fresh grated nutmeg on top…it’s the Painkiller and, as the name states, all of your pains will be killed.

The Speakeasy Inn and The Rum Bar


A lot of places in town don’t offer breakfast, but this place does.  It’s a simple breakfast; cereal, coffee, tea, pastries, toast, waffles.  All items are fresh and are served every morning.  Not being a breakfast person, this is perfect for me.  I grab a bowl of cereal, a cup of coffee and the morning paper then wander to the front porch and relax.  It’s a quiet time on Duval; perfect for a leisurely cup of coffee and browsing the morning paper.

speakeasy inn

Simple breakfast of cereal, coffee and the morning paper!

speakeasy inn

Quiet spot to sit and read the morning paper!


The rooms are sized ok.  They offer a small kitchenette and a full size bathroom.  But, the rooms are clean and very light filled.  Windows, high up, offer a lot of light in the upper rooms, yet still preserve your privacy.  There is a refrigerator and a microwave in the kitchenette.  The refrigerator is big enough for holding beer, wine or late night snacks.  We alway stop by Faustos and grab a few items to snack on while visiting.  It makes life a little easier when you can grab a snack instead of always trying to find some place to eat.

One thing to note, the Inn has wireless internet and it’s fast.  Other locations in town have a lot slower connection speeds, but I was able to use the internet and keep up with my posts very easily from this site.

speakeasy inn

Upstairs balcony to relax and get away from the hustle of Duval Street

Have I said too much?

Clean rooms, fast internet, great location and a rum bar?  I think I have said too much.  Now, everyone will be trying to stay at our hidden gem.  I actually have waited to the end to tell you the best part… the room prices.  The Speakeasy Inn is one, if not the, cheapest places to stay on Duval Street.  There… I truly have said too much!




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