Uva it’s your Personal Wine Cellar in Key West

Oh how I wish I could take credit for the tagline “personal wine cellar”, but alas, I cannot.  Credit this to Uva’s owner, Mark Gambuzza.  Uva is the perfect spot, in Key West, to sit back, enjoy a glass of wine and great conversation.


Located on Fleming Street, is Uva.  I bet you have walked by the storefront and really never gave it a second thought.  Well, you should.  This, off the beaten path, place is filled with so many wonderful wines, you won’t really know where to begin.

Uva Key West


Which, is why Mark is the expert.  He loves wine and loves to offer suggestions.  Each day there is a different bottle to try, by the glass.  But, if you are wanting to pull together a special meal or occasion, they sell by the bottle.  Take a few home.


Inside Uva, it’s quiet.  You are away from the noise of Duval Street, but there is a steady crowd usually tasting wines or stopping by to pick up a few bottles.  Mark engages with each and is open and friendly with locals and guests alike.  This is why, on our first visit, I felt at home, and why I keep coming back.  Well… it could also be the really good wines.

Sit at the tasting bar and enjoy a freshly prepared cheese plate.  Or, gather around one of the tables and talk about your day, plans for the evening or enjoy a quiet moment.  It really is that kind of place.  We have sat there as a couple and have met friends there, it’s perfect for both occasions.

What to Expect

Here’s the bottom line, expect to drink a great wine in an awesome location.  I truly believe we need to support all local businesses in Key West, Uva is no exception.  Mark will tell you about his early career in the restaurant business, but, you can tell this wine shop is his passion.  It shows in the wines he chooses and those he recommends.

Uva is indeed your personal wine cellar.

Uva Key West

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