We Are Travel Agents and You Should Use Us for Your Next Adventure

During one of our live videos we were asked… “are you travel agents?”.  The answer, yes, yes we are.  We are travel agents and let me tell you why you should use us for your next adventure.  Sound like a shameless plug?  Probably, but, travel agents really do provide a lot of value, knowledge and best of all, we give you peace of mind.

Kevin and I were in Orlando and thought a poolside chat about what we do would be fun. Watch the video below for our poolside chat.

So, why use us?

Expertise and Knowledge

We work with amazing suppliers and have created special business relationships with them.  Want to create a special experience?  Let us work with the suppliers to make it happen.  That’s what we do, we handle the logistics.  Saving you from falling down the internet travel site rabbit hole.

Admit it, you have started to look for information about a great location, and next thing you know, you’re watching a cat video.  We’ll let you skip the part where you look for information and head straight to the cat video. You’re welcome.


Want to head to Alaska?  It’s everyone’s bucket list trip.  Why not work with someone who has lived in Alaska?  Kevin and I have lived in Alaska and know a lot about how to see the state.  As a matter of fact, we honeymooned in Denali National Park. So let us use our insider knowledge to help plan that bucket list trip.

We can get you to warmer places too.  Our suppliers give us access to great deals, limited time specials, and of course amazing shore excursions.


Want to explore the Magic Kingdom?  Or head out on a Disney Cruise? Or see Europe with the magic of Disney?  We can plan a great trip to see all of the magic from picking a resort, helping with dinner reservations, and choosing your FastPasses.  We are annual passholders and spend a lot of time on property, so we give all of our clients the inside scoop.

Other Destinations?

Of course, we can book all inclusives, Key West and other places.  Planning to travel with a group?  We love to plan group trips.  From booking the resort to activities to dinner plans, let us pull together a great itinerary.

Why Use a Travel Agent?

As you can see, we offer a lot of expertise and knowledge.  What we are … is here for you.  You don’t need a vacation from your vacation.  We offer peace of mind.  An advocate if you need help along the way.


  • We can find deals
  • We will be your advocate
  • We take care of the little things
  • True experts
  • Usually no extra cost

What don’t we do?  We aren’t you.  We make suggestions, can help vet activities and locations you are interested in, and offer suggestions and recommendations.  But, you will always have the final say.  It’s your vacation, your experience, your adventure.

Ready to go?

Are we speaking to you?  Email us at info@funinkeywest.com or give us a call and let’s get started planning your adventure.

What to expect…

  • We will have a great, get to know each other conversation.  Where to do you want to go, how many people, budget and stuff like that.  Plus, we will learn more about what you like to do on this trip.
  • Next, we get to work planning an amazing adventure
  • You then get to go on your adventure
  • When you get home, you are relaxed and ready to plan your next trip

Contact us today to get started!  You can schedule your complimentary planning session here by clicking here.

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