What’s your poison for Breakfast?

There are many options available for breakfast, from sit down to stand up to find an empty park bench – here are some of the places we enjoy.

Blue Heaven – This is a true must see while in Key West.  The unique outside dinning room allows you to interact with the chickens and cats.  It is located in in Historic Bahama Village, so be sure to take in all of the sights while strolling the neighborhood.  There isn’t much parking so it is best to walk or take a cab.  We love the Pink Shrimp Benedict for breakfast or since we are not usually early risers, we consider it brunch.  But, the drinks from the bar are well worth the walk.  Very nice staff and if you are there during the live music we have never been disappointed.  Keep in mind, the place is quite spendy and most locals don’t dine here on a regular basis.  They feel it is a little over priced for what you get.  But, that in mind, it is a place everyone should try at least once.

Blue Heaven, Key West

A little live music while you wait for your table to eat.

Blue Heaven, Key West

Some of the locals whom roam the Blue Heaven

Banana Cafe located at 1215 Duval Street offers authentic french crepes.  I had the swiss and ham crepes and they were just wonderful.  The special of the day was Nutella and banana crepes which will be the next thing I try.

Cuban Coffee Queen (284 Margaret St) – let’s just say, I wake up and crave their Cafe Con Leche.  They are absolutely addictive.  I order with 2 (which means 2 scoops of sugar).  The best breakfast on the Island is a Cafe Con Leche with a Pan Cubano.  You can meet locals and non-locals while waiting.

Cuban Coffee Queen, Key West

Great place to start the day . They also deliver.


Sandy’s Cafe (1026 White Street) – Another great option for a Cafe Con Leche fix!  Featured on Andrew Z’s “Bizarre Foods”, so you know you can’t go wrong.

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