3 Reasons Why Sloppy Joe’s Key West Webcam is the Best

Everyone who comes to Key West stops by the iconic Sloppy Joe’s bar for a drink (or two) and possibly a snack.  Sloppy’s is an institution in Key West and has been in its current location, on the famous Duval Street,  since May 5, 1937.  But, what’s really cool about Sloppy Joe’s are their webcams.  Here are 3 reasons why Sloppy Joe’s Key West webcam is the best!  I will give you a hint, it’s all about a live webcam.

sloppy joe's key west webcam

1. You can check out the Live Stage Cam

Want to know who’s playing live music on stage…. right now?  Check out the Live Stage Cam.  It’s almost like being there…. almost.  You get a front row view of the entertainment, and who doesn’t enjoy the live entertainment at Sloppy’s?  Exactly!

2. You can check out the Live Bar Cam

Want to know which one of Sloppy Joe’s hospitable staff is working?  Take a peek through the Live Bar Cam.  Want to know if you can get a seat?  Then check out the cam… this cam pans across the entire bar so you can hear, and see briefly, the entertainment and check out the crowd.

3. You can check out the Live Street Cams

Admit it… when your home (away from Key West), you pull up the street cams to see what’s going on in town.  I know, we have all done it.  Somehow it reconnects us to the vibe on Duval.  During Fantasy Fest you can take a peek at the crowds on Duval, let’s say it’s very entertaining and never a dull moment!  Don’t forget about the Live Duval Street cam too!  Bonus feature, you can check in on the current weather conditions.  But trust me, if you are seeing snow outside your window, sunshine, and people walking around in shorts may be very depressing to see.

Keep in mind, these cameras aren’t in real time, there is a bit of a delay.  Usually about 10 minutes.  You can stand in front of the Street Cam, and then watch yourself walk away!

sloppy joe's key west webcam


While sitting in Sloppy Joe’s (or watching the webcams) have you ever wondered about its history?  Sloppy Joe’s began December 5, 1933… the day Prohibition was repealed.  Keep in mind, Key West, even in the 1930s, was a place filled with free thinkers.  So, Prohibition was looked at as an amusing exercise dreamed up by the Government.  Joe Russell was one of those free thinkers, who also ran an illegal speakeasy.  Ernest Hemingway was known to stop by to purchase an occasional bottle of Scotch and became friends with Joe Russell.

After Prohibition ended, Joe Russell became a legitimate saloon-keeper-proprietor of the Blind Pig … a place he rented for $3 a week.  When the dance floor was added, the saloon was renamed the Silver Slipper.  But, the place was still shabby but filled with good friends, gambling, fifteen cent whiskey, and ten cent shots of gin.  Hemingway encouraged the name change to Sloppy Joe’s.

Sloppy Joe’s moved to its current location on May 5, 1937, because Joe’s rent was increased to $4 a week.  At that time, the former Victoria restaurant was vacant.  Located at the corner of Greene and Duval, the building had been built in 1917 and incorporated beautiful Cuban tile work, whirring ceiling fans, and jalousie doors.  Joe Russell paid $2,500 for the place.

The bar never closed during the move.  Customers picked up their drinks and carried them, along with every piece of furniture in the place, down the block to its new location.  The new place had the longest bar in Key West.  In the back room were gambling and pool tables.  On one wall was a 119 pound sailfish caught by Hemingway.

sloppy joe's key west webcam


Speaking of Hemingway, plan to be in Key West in July for the annual Hemingway Days.  You can witness the Running of Bulls and the Hemingway look-a-like contest.  Lots of fun for everyone.

sloppy joe's key west webcam

sloppy joes key west webcam

Michele enjoying the attention of the Hemingways!

sloppy joes key west webcam

Kevin showing off his prize… a bottle of limited edition rum!!

Today, Sloppy Joe’s is open 365 days from 9 am to 4 am and noon to 4 am on Sundays.

sloppy joe's key west webcam

But what draws us to Sloppy Joe’s every time we are in town?  I say it’s the great food, generously poured drinks, and the high quality entertainment.  The webcams give us a little peek into Paradise and remind us why we need to book our next trip back…. immediately!

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(credit:  sloppyjoes.com)

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