3 Unique Places for Frozen Drinks in Key West

Frozen drinks are refreshing, cool and let’s face it… very tropical.  Who can’t relate to sipping on a creamy Pina Colada while overlooking the ocean?  Or, cooling off with a strawberry daiquiri after a long at the beach?  The perfect frozen drink is slushy, easy to drink and not too sweet.  Most bars on the Island have your standard frozen drink fare; a Pina Colada, a Margarita and daiquiris.  Instead of focusing on those places, I decided to find places a little different.  You know, a place with a Key West vibe.  Here are 3 unique places for frozen drinks in Key West.

Flying Monkeys

unique places for frozen drinks in key west

First on our list is Flying Monkeys.  This place is located right on Duval, next to Fogarty’s.  The bar has a wall of slushy machines, which translates into lots and lots of choices.  Buy the travel refillable mug because refills are at a discounted price.  After all one frozen drink is really never enough.  One of my favorites is The Flying Monkey.  It combines lemonade, vodka, raspberries, rum and bourbon… hello.  For a tasty dessert drink, try the White Russian.  This drink combines vodka, coffee liqueur and vanilla ice cream.  Pull up a stool and watch the people stroll by on Duval or fill your to-go cup and move on down the street.

Fat Tuesday

Next on the list is Fat Tuesday.  Although this is not a “local” place rather a famous chain, it does serve a great frozen drink.  Their bar wall is also filled with slushy machines.  Their house drink is the “190 Octane” which is made with orange juice and 190 proof grain alcohol.  May want to limit how many you enjoy… trust me.

Mary Ellen’s

mary ellen's bar

Last on our list is Mary Ellen’s.  Located off Duval on Appelrouth, this hidden gem offers one of the best frozen drinks in town.  Dare I say… The best?  What’s this fabulous drinks?  It’s a Frozen Irish Coffee.  What makes this drink my personal favorite is the drink’s topping.  Breakfast cereal. Yep, I said breakfast cereal.  I usually choose Captain Crunch, which means breakfast will never taste the same way again.  This place is relatively new, but has quickly become a local favorite.  It’s an updated “dive bar” with a great food menu and the best Frozen Irish Coffee you will have have.

With all of the choices in town, did I overlook your favorite unique place?  Share with me your favorite place and favorite drink!


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