Mary Ellen’s Bar – The new Hip place in Key West

Hip?  Did I just say this place is hip?  I mean fresh, new, friendly, funky… well you get it.  The place?  Mary Ellen’s Bar.  Located at 420 Appelrouth Lane, this will be your go to place off of Duval.  Recently opened, it has a cool dive bar feel and a great menu to boot.

mary ellen's bar

To help you weed out all of the many choices in Key West, we sacrifice and visit all that we can.  This place, new on the scene, was being talked about, a lot , in social media.  Well, of course, we made a bee line right over to check it out.  First of all, you step into this place and it’s dark and so cool.  By cool I mean it’s not only cool, like air conditioned, but cool, like wow man.  Tables scattered around, a large wrap around bar and a place for a live band.  Everything a dive bar needs.  But, it’s all new, but made to look likes been there for awhile.

Food … best grilled cheese in town

The first thing to check out is the food.  The house specialty?  Grilled cheese sandwiches and tomato soup.  Yum and yum.  To order, step on over to the window, marked “order here” and place your order.  Choose from the many gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches or try the garlic cheese bread to go with your homemade tomato soup. You can almost taste fresh picked tomatoes in each bite!

mary ellen's bar

Happy Hour… best time of the day

The second thing to check out is Happy Hour.  It is awesome!  From 3-6pm each day well drinks and draft beer are 2-4-1.  Plus, if you are interested, Jameson is $5.  Who can beat that?  While watching one of the many tv’s you can sip on a cold draft and enjoy the fabulous food.

mary ellen's bar

House Drink … Frozen Irish Coffee

The third, and dare I say the best thing, to check out is the house drink … Frozen Irish Coffee.  Yep, let that sink in.  It’s a beautiful warm day outside and you can order a refreshing, frozen Irish Coffee.  Personally, it is now my favorite drink in town.  What takes it over the top is the cereal you can have on top.  Captain Crunch is my personal favorite choice.  You can choose from many childhood favorites.  But Captain Crunch is the best because it stays crunchy. The combination of Captain Crunch and Irish Coffee, well let’s just say breakfast will never be the the same again.  I cannot imagine eating cereal in plain milk again… ever.

mary ellen's bar

Head on over to Mary Ellen’s Bar to enjoy a cold draft beer, great food and, well, honestly, a great time.  The people are so friendly you will never want to leave.  Stepping off of Duval, you find many hidden treasures, and this is no exception.  Bet it will be your new favorite place in town… I know it’s ours!


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