Alonzo’s Key West – The Place for Happy Hour

As you walk through the Historic Seaport, you will see a small sign that points you towards the Best Happy Hour on the Island.  Trust your gut and follow the sign.  At the end of your journey you will find… Alonzo’s Key West.  This is one of the best places on the Island for Happy Hour.

alonzos key west

Why go?

Well, Happy Hour is a time you taste great food and save money.  Alonzo’s lets you do both.  The seafood is fresh.  My personal favorite is the beer steamed shrimp.  They offer a special Happy Hour menu.

alonzos key west

There are drinks too?

Yep, the Happy Hour at Alonzo’s includes special pricing on well drinks.  This has changed over the years.  Before, it used to be all drinks were half off, but recently this changed to be more in line with the rest of the Island’s Happy Hours.  Nonetheless, it still is great deal.  A few cocktails, some shrimp and clams and well, I’m full and ready to head over to sunset.

Location Location Location

This is by far one of the best views in town.  Overlooking the boat marina, you can watch people walk by on on the boardwalk or simply take in the view.  I prefer to sit outside and enjoy the breeze, but during the really hot months, I have to admit the air conditioning calls me inside.

Conveniently located near Duval and the sunset activities of Mallory Square, you are never too far from the action of Key West.

So many choices

There are so many choices for Happy Hour in Key West and most of us fall into a routine even… on vacation.  The same places, the same dishes and the same drinks.  Next time you’re in town, change it up a a bit.  Try a new place, a new dish and a new drink.  Let us know your favorite spots, dishes and drinks!


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