Caroline’s Cafe – The Perfect Stop on Duval

As you probably know by now, I try, as much as possible, to promote places off of Duval.  Caroline’s Cafe is on Duval, but definitely should be a place you stop at while in Key West.  Located at 310 Duval, Caroline’s Cafe is in the heart of the action on Duval.  It’s a hop skip and a jump to Dr. Porter’s House, where you will find The Porch and Caroline’s The Other Side.  Great places to relax with a craft beer or an expertly made cocktail.

We landed in town and were looking for a place to eat before our rooms were ready.  With so many options in town, it’s sometimes hard to choose.  Today, we opted for Caroline’s Cafe.  It was within walking distance of our place and the food looked amazing. Plus, they served freshly made cocktails… welcome to Key West!


I am all about location.  Easy to get to and view are usually at the top of my list for choosing a spot to eat.  Caroline’s Cafe is centrally located on Duval which makes it an easy walk to from most of the Island.  The view?  Well, it’s not of the water, but of Duval.  Which can be quite entertaining.  The restaurant is actually above street level.  This vantage point provides a little space between the people walking down Duval and your table.

The food

Caroline’s Cafe has a great menu.  They offer salads, sandwiches and everything in-between.  I chose the Boston Lettuce Wraps with shrimp.  The variety of vegetables let you create your own wrap and drizzle it with either the peanut sauce or the spicy Thai sauce.  Each of the sauces were fabulous.  The vegetables were fresh and the shrimp… well they were perfectly cooked.

caroline's cafe

My husband chose the Rev. Joe’s Burger.  This is colossal. It’s a half pound of fresh ground beef served on a soft bun with crisp and hot fries.  Not everyone can eat the whole burger… sharing the burger is also an option.

caroline's cafe

The Cocktails

Love a freshly made cocktail.  Key West offers so many options.  Today, I chose the Rum Punch.  It’s one of their specialty drinks and it packs a great “punch”.  Mixing rum and coconut rum with orange, cranberry and pineapple juices creates a tropical drink that isn’t too sweet.  The cranberry juice is an interesting addition as most people add grenadine which ups the sweetness of the drink.  Caroline’s Cafe’s Rum Punch is smooth, full of tropical flavor and addicting.

carolines cafe


Over and above the location, the food and the cocktails I always look for a place that is welcoming.  Our waiter was helpful and offered ideas on what to order.  He made us feel like we were at home.  We felt like true locals stopping by for lunch.  Which, I must say, is how most places in Key West feel.  But, I like to point out places that give that extra bit of attention.  Sitting at our table, looking out over Duval, we took in a deep breathe and said… ahhh, now we are home.  Which I think a lot of you can relate to.  The sights, the sounds and the feel of Key West just make us feel like we are home.

caroline's cafe

I love the bit of advice the menu offers.  Life isn’t practice… Someday is today.  What can I say? Grab life and live it to its fullest.

Caroline’s Cafe opened in 1999 and derived its name from the Jimmy Buffett song “Woman going Crazy on Caroline Street”.  One of their partner restaurants is the Waterfront Brewery which brews Crazy Lady… again a nod to that woman on Caroline Street.

Stop by Caroline’s Cafe for lunch or dinner.  They are open every day from 11 am to 11:30 pm.  The food is freshly prepared and the the cocktails remind you why you love Key West.  Not in the mood for a cocktail?  They offer a great selection of craft beers; including Crazy Lady.


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