The Cafe – So Many Choices, What First?

Maybe it’s just me, but sometimes you really, really need a good breakfast.  You know those mornings after a late night and the best cure is a hot cup of coffee and a plate of great food.  This is how I stumbled upon The Cafe.  After a long night of way too many adult beverages, I needed food and coffee and I headed over to The Cafe to see if they had the cure for what ailed me.


Located a block off of Duval, it’s convenient to most of Old Town.  There is parking along the street, if you are planning on driving over.  Their address is 509 Southard, just behind (beyond?) The Pegasus Hotel.  There are many options in this area of town, but The Cafe should be on your must try list.

the cafe

Good Food

The Cafe’s menu is eclectic.  They offer gluten free, vegetarian and other options.  You will notice how fresh the food is from the very first bite. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks daily.  On this visit, we opted for breakfast.

the cafe

My morning choice was Carolina’s Huevos Rancheros and I was not disappointed.  The black beans were spicy, but not overly spicy.  A nice warm heat.  The corn tortillas were hot, soft and oh so fresh.  The avocado and sour cream sides were perfect way to cut the heat of the black beans while adding a creamy texture to the dish.  Definitely a choice I will go back for again and again.

the cafe

Kevin indulged in the Cafe Classic.  Even though this is a typical breakfast plate, it was not so typical.  The potatoes were crispy and not greasy.  The eggs… perfectly prepared.  Both dishes were served with cups, refilled often, of house coffee.  The Cafe’s coffee is strong but they will always ensure your cup is full.

the cafe

Lunch and Beyond

The Cafe also serves brunch, lunch and dinner.  I have already decided I need to try all of them… everything on the menu?  You can choose from soups, salads, fish, sandwiches and so much more.  Plus, they have a full bar and offer house cocktails.  I was impressed with all of the vegan and gluten free dessert options.

As you can see, I was pretty impressed with The Cafe.  My breakfast was awesome and the place has a really cool, Key West vibe.  The food is all made from scratch so while eating at The Cafe, sit back, relax and enjoy… after all you are on Island time!

the cafe

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