Bagatelle – Oh How I Wish Lunch Could Last Forever

When in Key West do you try new restaurants… or stick to your tried and true ones? I admit, I have my favorites, but I try to “discover” a new place on each and every visit. This time it was Bagatelle located at 115 Duval.


Why Bagatelle?

We were in the mood for brunch.  After an invigorating morning walk, we needed some nourishment and after reviewing Bagatelle’s menu on line, we decided to head on over.  During the Key Lime Festival, this was a stop on the Sip and Stroll and I immediately fell in love with the decor inside of Bagatelle.  The upscale design made it feel not like a tourist stop, but rather a local’s place to slow down and enjoy the day.  You know, live on Island time for a while.


Brunch menu

The brunch menu is offered from 9am to 4pm everyday.  Brunch at Bagatelle is more than breakfast.  You can order fish sandwiches, salads and even tacos.  If you are just getting up and really want eggs, they offer omelets and Benedict’s that looked divine!


First off, we ordered cocktails.  Although it’s mid-morning, we are in Key West and what’s brunch without a cocktail.  The Key West rum punch was fruity yet not overly sweet, just my kind of cocktail.


The Partida Margarita is listed as the “skinny” margarita, but don’t let that fool you, it is full of flavor.  Light, crisp and the perfect brunch cocktail.


Of course, no brunch would be complete without a Bloody Mary.  The one at Bagatelle is spicy, tangy and full of fun!  Again, perfect brunch cocktail.  I see a theme here… perfect cocktails with brunch.  Aren’t all cocktails perfect with brunch?


Bagatelle offers a full menu of specialty cocktails as well as the traditional ones.  Not in the mood for a cocktail, choose from the beer or wine list or order a tall glass of iced tea.


Here is where I was truly impressed.  The food was awesome.  I know I say that a lot about places in Key West, but this was truly … awesome.  It was fresh and served very quickly.

My go to is always a salad.  I usually add chicken or fish and today was no exception.  I ordered the Raspberry, walnut and gorgonzola salad with the grilled fresh fish.  The fish was warm from the grill and the salad was very filling.  Usually a salad like this is served with strawberries, not raspberries, so I found the change in fruit refreshing and fun.


The Key West fish sandwich was yummy too.  Fresh blackened fish is served on a brioche bun with a side of, to die for, french fries.  Don’t be afraid of the lemon Sriracha aioli.  It offers a tangy, spicy sauce to the sandwich but doesn’t overpower with heat.


Did I say the french fries were to die for?  Crispy, warm and … yummy!


Located at the lower end of Duval (115 Duval) you are in the heart of the madness, but also removed from it.  We sat on the front porch which faces Duval, but we were elevated above the street.  We were above the crowd, not looking at them eye to eye and were able to take in the atmosphere of Duval, yet not be part of the madness and crowd.  This alone, is why I wanted lunch to last forever.  It was quiet, removed, but still part of all of the action.  Just a perfect place to enjoy a great meal, great cocktail and great company.


Sea Captain Frederick Roberts built the home in 1884.  He found great pleasure, while in Key West, in eating meals on the porches with family and friends.


In 1979, Bagatelle opened its doors.  Owned today by Damian DeAngelis, he is the third owner of this landmark restaurant.

Bagatelle comes from a French word that means “a trifle” or “a little nothing”, often used to describe a light, fun but not too serious spring romance.  Today you can relax and indulge in life’s simpler pleasures and enjoy a great meal.

Brunch, Dinner and, of course, Happy Hour

Brunch is served every day from 9am to 4pm.  The menu offers a lot of choices and quiet frankly, you won’t be disappointed.  Bagatelle offers two Happy Hours.  Hangover Happy Hour is from 9 to 11:30am.  They offer special Happy Hour plates.  During traditional Happy Hour (4-6pm) check out the special menu as well as enjoy half off most cocktails.  Included on the special menu is their lobster mac & cheese; some of the best on the Island.  The dinner menu offers so many choices too.

As you can see, I have found a great place for lunch/brunch/mid-day snack.  Perfect location, great cocktails and great food.  No wonder I want lunch to last forever!



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