Key West Cakes a Sweet Treat on White Street

Usually when I am on White Street, I am stopping at Sandy’s.  But, not today.  Today, I went to Key West Cakes.  I have heard so many good things about this place, that I just had to see it all for myself.  This unassuming place is now my sweet treat stop.  They have such a cool vibe when you walk through the door.  I had always thought all they did was, well, cakes.  Silly me… they have much, much more to offer.

key west cakes

Cupcakes, glorious Cupcakes

The first thing that catches your eye when you walk into the place is the front counter filled with glorious, wonderful, cupcakes and cookies.  There isn’t much space in front of the counter, because the kitchen is located directly behind the counter.  You can see them working their sugar magic as soon as you walk through the door.

There were so many choices it took a few moments to hone in on just one.  The Chocolate Peanut Butter looked decadent and yummy.  Next that was the Chocolate Covered Cherry.  Can you say… irresistible?  Then my eyes fell upon the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough cupcake.  It looked like it was dipped in freshly made cookie dough, which is a guilty pleasure of mine.  So…. I quickly chose that one and had it packaged to go.

key west cakes

I was not disappointed by my choice.  Do you know what was hidden in that wonderful cupcake?  A cookie… yep,  a cookie was on the bottom.  The frosting was not too sweet and the cookie dough chunks had the perfect consistency.

More Sweet Treats

Don’t let Key West Cakes’ name fool you.  They offer beautiful, custom cakes for weddings, birthdays and any other cake occasion.  But, they also have cinnamon buns and cookies.  The cinnamon buns are bathed in icing.  The cookies are nestled right below the cupcakes.  They have tea cookies, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate cookies… they have all kinds of cookies.  The cool thing is the cupcakes and cookie flavors rotate with the season and quite frankly on what the owners want to make.

Humble Start

Key West Cakes began in 2001 by Paulie and Steven in a small home kitchen.  They worked and gained a following and in 2010, moved to their current location.  Today, you can come to their store, pull up a chair and sit down to enjoy your wonderful treat.

key west cakes

What?  Savory too?

Key West Cakes offers more than just sweet treats.  They also serve coffee and cold drinks.  Of course, what else would you serve with a wonderful sweet treat?  And, they serve dinners to go.  Perfectly packaged for lunch or dinner, pick up lasagna, baked ziti or even a chicken pot pie.

I was truly surprised by my visit to Key West Cakes.  The service was wonderful, the food was amazing and the location, well it can’t be beat… it’s Key West after all!

Stop by the next time you are out and about and pick up dinner and dessert.

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