Café Sole

Café Sole is a culinary gem far off the beaten path.  Located at 1029 Southard, you would probably just stroll on by, but don’t …. plan to spend a wonderful evening surrounded by wonderful food and company.  Chef John Correa, and his wife Judy, magically marry local, fresh foods with French cuisine.  Even if you are not a fan of French foods, you will not be disappointed by anything on the menu.

The restaurant is low key – comfortable and not stuffy – by favorite kind of place.  But, upscale enough to feel like it is special and the food will be just as wonderful.  If you are in town and plan on just one great meal … make this your stop.

I love Angels on Horseback.  The appetizer combines the sweetness of dates with the saltiness of bacon.  A perfect course to begin with.  Sip a great glass of wine (or several) and take in all of your surroundings.  This is a place you put away your phone and concentrate on the food, the atmosphere and most of all your company.  As you can see, we were so wrapped up in the experience, we only ended up with several photos … oh well, we will need to go back….. such sacrifices …

Cafe Sole, Key West, FL

Cafe Sole, Key West, FL

The menu features salads, fresh seafood and to die for desserts.

They are open daily 5 – 10pm … I would call ahead to ensure you can get a seat, especially during peak season.

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