La Creperie

We love spending time outside enjoying a cocktail and of course a meal.  La Creperie is the perfect place to do both.  Located at 300 Petronia Street (across from Blue Heaven) La Creperie is just enough off the beaten path, but close enough to the action.

The menu is very diverse as they offer breakfast and lunch items and honestly everything is very good.  I cannot pass on a perfectly made omelet and theirs is just, well what can I say, perfect.

La Creperie, Key West Fl

Ham and Cheese Omelet

But, who can sit down at a french restaurant and not have a croissant?  No one right?  Well, theirs is yummy and warm and, and, and….

La Creperie, Key West, FL

Warm Buttery Croissant

Of course their crepes are just the crown jewel.  My husband had a savory option and was not disappointed.  That is what is so cool about this place, there is something on the menu for everyone.

La Creperie, Key West, FL

Some comments on social media complain (whine?) about the slow service.  Well, let me just say, it’s not a fast food place, but when you come to Key West should you be in a hurry?  Stop, enjoy your food and company.  Take in the sounds of the town and just relax.  Come hungry, come early and come with cash.  What?  This place only accepts cash, so stop by the ATM and head on over.

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