Caramel Apple Gelato Sandwiches

Ok, not sure how this happened, but I ended up with a box of Caramel Apple Cookie mix in my pantry.  Somehow it made its way into my basket, but nevertheless, it was the inspiration behind this quick and easy dessert.

Caramel Apple Gelato Sandwiches Recipe

Step 1:

Make cookies according to the directions on the box.  I used the small scoop so the cookies would be not too big.  As you know, eating two smaller cookies is much better for you than eating one large one….

Step 2:

Let the gelato sit out for a little while until soft enough to scoop.  Place a nice scoop of ice cream on one cookie and then top with the second.

Caramel Apple Gelato Sandwich Recipe

Viola – Caramel Apple Ice Cream Sandwiches


Caramel Apple Gelato Sandwhich Recipe


1 box Caramel Apple Cookie Mix

(box instructions state you need 1 stick of butter and 1 egg)

1 tub of Sea Salt Caramel Gelato

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