CatMan … a must see at Mallory Square

Somethings are just iconic in Key West …. Southernmost Point, Sloppy Joe’s, drinking and of course …. CatMan.  If you haven’t seen CatMan’s performance during the Sunset Celebration at Mallory Square, then you have truly missed out on what makes Key West quirky …. and I mean quirky.

He draws a big crowd and we all wait with anticipation to see what his cats can do.  His cats appear to be just like any other household cat, but then they get on stage and they shine.  It’s like the sky opens and the Cat god shines down upon these little furry creatures.  Not sure whose personality is bigger … CatMan or his cats.

CatMan in Key West Sunset Celebration Mallory Square

CatMan’s cat socks and his heavy French accent just adds to what is known as the Sunset Celebration.  The cats will amaze you as they walk across the tightrope, climb up to their perches and remain aloof enough to still exude some sense of independence.

Grab a drink and make your way over to CatMan’s spot the next time you are in town.  You wouldn’t want to miss this iconic and quirky glimpse of Key West.

CatMan Key West Mallory Square

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