5 Rainy Day Activities in Key West

It’s rainy day in Key West …. now what do you do?

I know, you never think about it, but it really does rain in paradise.  You can put up with a brief, quick tropical shower, but you are at a total loss on what to do on a rainy day with no end in sight.  Trust me, been cooped up in a condo in Truman Annex with over 5 inches of rain accumulating outside.  The worst part was the outside porch didn’t protect us from the rain, so we really were stuck inside.  Thus, came the thought – what the heck to you do now?

Check out what it looked like outside that day!

We don’t plan vacations around bad weather days – it is only perfect and sunny when you are on vacation, right?  Well, here are some cool ideas, feel free to share yours.

#1 – Binge watch missed episodes of Bloodline

If you haven’t watched the first season, then hop on over to Netflix and plan to curl up and be transported into this twisted and addicting show.  Kyle Chandler is awesome.  You will be transfixed for many an hour.   If you don’t have Netflix, feel free to check out Amazon for the first season Bloodline: Season One (affiliate link)

#2 – Read a book

Read the Key West Food Critic series by Lucy Burdette on your Kindle.  I never travel without my Kindle so I am never without a book.  I can travel with my entire library and even buy a new book while traveling …. win, win!

#3 – Go see a movie

The Tropic Cinema provides a great place to escape from the rain.  They offer daily showings of not only first run movies but offer special showings throughout the week.

Tropic Cinema, Key West, FL

#4 – Go Shopping

This can be a little wet, depending on how hard it’s raining.  Lots and lots of little shops to wander in and out of on Duval and Front streets.  Spend time in some of the many art galleries.

Duval Street, Key West, FL



Duval Street, Key West FL

#5 – Go to a museum

There are many museums in town.  You can check out the Hemingway House, the Shipwreck Museum, the Butterfly Conservatory, Harry Truman’s Little White House, Mel Fisher Museum and the Aquarium, just to name a few. Click here to see many more options and save by buying your tickets online.

Mel Fisher Museum, Key West, FL

We have offered many ideas on how to spend a rainy day.  Some of these you can do right in your own room/condo and some you can do if you feel like wandering out and about.

No matter what, remember you are in Key West and the rain won’t last forever and if needed I am sure you can find an empty bar stool to spend an afternoon on.  While there make a new friend and plan your return trip to the Island!

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