SouthernMost Point – A different perspective

What iconic place is the best place to stop and prove you have been to Key West?  Well, the SouthernMost Point Buoy, of course.  But, during the day you usually have to stand in a long line.  You can check on the the Buoy anytime you like by watching the webcam here.

How about visiting the buoy at night?  It gives your pictures a totally different look; and the best part …. no long lines.

Southernmost Point Buoy, Key West, FL

The buoy is located at a bend in the road on Whitehead Street (actually it is at the intersection of South and Whitehead) and it attracts tens of thousands visitors a year.  It was erected in 1983 and today stands as one of the most photographed places in Key West.  It was put there by the City because the original sign kept getting stolen.  So, they used an old sewer junction that was too heavy to move and painted it to look like a buoy.  Voila … history was made!

If you are walking down to the buoy, continue walking on South and head on over to Duval, the Southern end of Duval can be very quiet at night.

Duval Street, Key West, FL

The beach is closed, but take a few minutes and walk out onto the pier, it is so peaceful and beautiful.  You can see the stars and hear the water … very relaxing … it’s that the real reason you come down to Key West?  To relax?

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