Dessert – So Good it should be first!

I am a sweet freak … Kevin not so much.  So, I look for places to feed my sweet tooth.  Here are some of my favorites.

Kermit’s Key West Key Lime Shoppe – I loved the key lime pie so much, I bought the key lime juice so I could make my own at home.  True addict.  Kevin tried and loved the frozen slice of key lime pie dipped in chocolate.  Ok, sounds kind of weird, but Alton Brown (from Food Network fame) states it is one of his top 10 desserts, so why argue with an expert?

Kermit's Key Lime Shoppe, Key West

If your lucky you may see Mr Kermit out of the sidewalk in his Kitchen Greens with a pie.

Better than Sex – Kevin would argue there really isn’t anything better, but, just go with me on this.  Dessert is the key to a woman’s heart and this place holds the keys!! This is the most popular cafe on the Island for elegant dessert. The only thing on the menu is desserts. The atmosphere is very romantic in all black colors and low lighting. (Best to go here at after dark to enjoy the full atmosphere.)  Let’s start with the drink menu, my favorite is Sex Appeal, moscato in a white chocolate rimmed glass, trust me worth the trip to Key West alone.  Then add my favorite dessert, Team Cream, I am in heaven.  The last time we were there the Team Cream dessert was not on the menu, it is now listed on the online menu, so fingers crossed, still available on our next trip.  This is an intimate place for a very romantic dessert to enjoy.  Tables are limited to four people and reservations are highly recommended.

Better Than Sex, Key West

Best to enjoy the desserts after dark.

Flamingo Crossing (1105 Duval) – Homemade ice cream which can be enjoyed sitting on the front porch.  Did I mention they have ice cream with liquor added?  Let’s just say Irish Cream and Rum Runner are an excellent choice!

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