Dry Tortugas – An Adventure West of Key West

The Dry Tortugas was a destination that took us several trips to the Island before we decided to tackle.  Not that is a stressful trip, rather it can be quite expensive.  So on our third trip down we decided to spend the money and take the trip.  It is really an all day tour.  You leave the ferry dock early, but are back into Key West by Happy Hour.  Is it clear how time is gauged on the Island – before Happy Hour and after Happy Hour.

Dry Tortugas, FL

Anyway, this is a trip that offers a lot to most people.  I don’t like to get into the ocean… let’s just say I saw Jaws as an young child and really have never had a desire to go back into the ocean.  But, Kevin loves to snorkel and the Dry Tortugas really offer phenomenal snorkeling very close to the shore.

As part of the package you receive breakfast, lunch, snorkeling equipment and a free tour of Fort Jefferson (if you want a guided tour).  The Fort provides a great opportunity to explore History and see great unobstructed views of the Gulf of Mexico.

Dry Tortugas

View from top of the fort

Since I don’t like to get into the water, the views from the Fort offer the ability to see sea life, without getting wet.

Dry Tortugas

Great gulf views from the fort. Admiring the view of the coral reefs.

There is also a great beach to sit back and relax and watch birds, boats and planes – oh my!

Due to the high cost of the tour, this may be a trip that you hold off on until a third or fourth trip.  But, if you are a die hard snorkerler, bird watcher or history buff, this may be a must do on your first trip. Also there is other transportation to the island by float plane for a 45 minute flight. Charters available for you to book. The Fort is a National park and they have tent camping available as well. You can pack up your camping gear and head out the the island for the weekend.

Dry Tortugas

View looking down one side of the fort. Each bay was used to be a cannon portal looking over the water.


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